Connect Earth
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Connect Earth makes carbon emissions data more accessible, more understandable, and more actionable. We package environmental data as an API and integrate it into financial products. For example, we integrate into banking apps that people use on a daily basis to help them track their carbon footprint together with their spending. Thanks to our API, consumers can access environmental insights for every financial transaction within their own banking app.

Features & Benefits

Transaction Details

Show the carbon footprint of every transaction to drive user engagement and encourage sustainable purchasing.

CO2 Tracking Charts

CO2 emissions charts that show users an overview of their carbon footprint based on their purchases. Help them improve over time!


Educate your customers on the topic of sustainability, so they can better understand what their carbon footprint is, how they compare to the national average and how they can begin to reduce their emissions.

CO2 Reduction

Exposing users to reliable, easy to understand carbon footprint estimates and information is proven to result in a positive real-world environmental impact. Help your users learn more and reduce their carbon footprint by integrating our features into your own app!