Early Adoption

Drive consumer and business deposits anywhere, anytime with one front door for account origination
With MANTL Deposit Origination, consumers and businesses can open an account in minutes. The platform mitigates fraud and meets regulatory requirements without compromising customer experience. Information flows seamlessly between your website, app, call center and branches to improve operational efficiency and maximize deposit growth.

Features & Benefits

Accelerate deposit and account growth

Banks and credit unions turn to MANTL to acquire core deposits at a lower cost and deliver a highly efficient account opening experience for their customers and staff. MANTL provides frictionless account opening and share creation for new members that takes, on average, ~3 minutes for consumer accounts and under 10 minutes for business accounts.

MANTL Deposit Origination enables clients to:

  • Grow existing customer value with streamlined cross-sells – existing customers can open an account in under a minute
  • Unlock new market segments and expand your geographic footprint without requiring a physical branch
  • Streamline fulfillment of product services to encourage product adoption and improve customer experience

Give your branches and call center the technology upgrade they deserve

Maximize the impact and job satisfaction of your branch staff with a customer experience they'll be proud of. With increased transparency, the platform improves collaboration between front and back office teams and enables better branch and call center contact resolution that boosts customer satisfaction.

The MANTL platform increases operational efficiency with features like:

  • Automated workflows and an Application Checklist that clearly guide staff and transitions across teams
  • A responsive Console Queue for efficient application management
  • An Email Handoff feature to streamline information collection between staff and customer

Digitized white-glove account opening for businesses of all sizes

Support fully self-serve, fully banker-led, or any combination to cost-effectively serve businesses of all complexities. Whether you wish to pursue small businesses in a scalable way or provide a very high-touch, sleek experience, MANTL Business Deposit Origination can be configured to meet your business goals.

MANTL Business Deposit Origination offers:

  • A simple and accessible digital interface for easy information collection
  • Secure and seamless application syncing to enable businesses to start applications online and complete in a branch or via call center
  • Streamlined document collection and digital signature process across business owners
  • Tailored application requirements and products depending on the business type

Automated decisioning engine that scales

Maximize automation while minimizing fraud with configurable decisioning and adaptive due diligence. MANTL customers have been able to automate up to 97% of their application decisions with features like:

  • KYC waterfalls that match your unique risk guidelines
  • Streamlined manual review processes when required
  • Native integrations with best-in-class data sources
  • Time-stamped actions and decisions for easy auditing

MANTL solutions are pre-integrated into Q2 Digital Banking

The pre-integration of MANTL solutions and Q2 Digital Banking allows for effortless deployment and utilization of both solutions.

Key benefits:

  • It simplifies the online banking enrollment process by eliminating redundant data entry by leveraging the information gathering during the account opening process
  • With a few clicks, authenticated customers logged into online banking can effortlessly initiate a new application through the MANTL platform
  • Existing customers can open new accounts through MANTL in under 30 seconds