ThreatMark Behavioral Intelligence

ThreatMark Behavioral Intelligence

ThreatMark: Advanced behavioral intelligence stops scams and fraud. Real-time detection, fewer false positives. Boost trust, client retention, and growth.

ThreatMark Behavioral Intelligence

Accelerator Security & Fraud Prevention
ThreatMark uses advanced behavioral intelligence to protect against scams and fraud. We go beyond traditional controls, detecting attacks in real-time from rich digital behavior data. We minimize false positives for efficient fraud detection and reduced costs. With ThreatMark, partners boost customer trust, retain more clients, and grow revenue. Join us in making the digital world safer.

Features & Benefits

Authorized Push Payment

ThreatMark stops fraudulent transactions that are the result of APP scams.

Account Takeover

ThreatMark can eliminate account takeover by looking at a customer’s behavior, including behavioral biometrics.

Remote Access Tools

ThreatMark detects when RAT is used during a banking session and can help stop the exploitation of the customer.

Automated Access (or Bots)

ThreatMark can detect automated access attacks and helps stop them from happening.


ThreatMark detects malware that is in use on customer devices and helps stop the attacks that use malware.