Monex USA

Monex USA is a global leader in foreign exchange services, facilitating an annual FX volume of over $303 billion for 66,000 clients worldwide. With a full integration into the Q2 e-banking application, Monex USA offers Financial Institutions the ability to provide foreign exchange services to meet their clients' international payment needs. Our adaptor leverages the existing Q2 interface to deliver real-time FX quotes and FX deal bookings — without disrupting existing processes and systems.

Features & Benefits

FX Expertise

Dedicated Bloomberg awarded FX specialists proactively monitoring and advising on relevant market conditions.

Dedicated Compliance

In addition to your internal safeguards, you receive an added layer of protection with our team of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and legal professionals, dedicated to keeping your business and money safe.

Licensed Nationwide

All your transactions are securely and seamlessly sent from one of the first Money Service Businesses (MSB) to be completely registered, licensed, and bonded in every U.S. state. We are committed to strict adherence with all applicable regulations and codes

Pay Globally

We understand that to send a global bank-to-bank wire transfer can be inefficient and can incur significant hidden fees/costs Our experts help you traverse volatile currency markets by focusing on optimizing the management and swift delivery of your global payments in combination with our award-winning FX analysis.

Receive Payments

FX Solutions Designed for You & Your Network Protect Profits & Reduce Exchange Rate Risk Expanding business globally means receiving incoming payments from overseas. Monex USA brings your money home quickly without the painstaking and costly process of dealing with banks

Tailored Strategies

Hedging strategies specifically optimized to fit your unique long and short-term goals and business models. Protect your profit margins from FX risk