Redefine how you interact with customers. The Glia Interaction Platform enables you to: use any channel and start the conversation anywhere, seamlessly transition across digital channels, co-pilot conversations and guide customers along the way Meet your customers where they are on their journey using the communication channel of their choice: on screen voice, chat, phone, video, social, or SMS.

Features & Benefits

Provide effortless 5-star customer experiences in every channel

Overcome silos and limitations of fragmented solutions to provide seamless 5-star customer experiences in every channel. Glia’s ChannelLess™ Architecture integrates all communications to seamlessly work together at every level, enabling easy transitions between channels, a single platform for your team, and unified administration and reporting across all channels.

Seamlessly take customers where they need to go & guide them along the way

Drive conversions, slash handle times, and build loyalty with a lightweight, yet fully scalable OnScreen Collaboration solution. Leverage Live Observation to proactively identify customer issues before the customer engagement even begins. Provide valuable visual context and enable your staff to show, not just tell, customers how to navigate your digital properties.

Enhance customer and employee satisfaction

Reduce customer effort for 20% improvement in Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter scores. Customers don't want to jump through hoops to get assistance. Reduce customer effort with personalized, intuitive service from intelligent virtual assistants and informed live agents. Your employees will appreciate reduced repetition and increased efficiencies with OnScreen Collaboration tools.

Support customers where they are: on the phone or digitally via web and mobile properties

Today’s customers have more options to interact with business than ever before, yet voice still plays an important role in many situations. Glia provides options to interact with customers in whatever way is most convenient—on the phone or on their screens—supported by on-screen collaboration within the Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform and elevated with AI-powered virtual assistants.

Pre-integrated with Q2 and purpose-built for financial services

The Glia Interaction Platform is pre-integrated with Q2's Desktop & Mobile, Retail & Commercial and Secure Conversations offerings. Glia's solutions are offered as a part of Q2's Enterprise Business Development Reseller program. The integrated offering helps banks and credit unions to modernize and digitize service and enhance the overall employee and customer experience.

Built exclusively for the financial services industry, the Glia Interaction Platform is designed to meet the rigorous security and compliance requirements of financial institutions. Glia’s platform was architected from the ground up to exceed the security, reliability, and compliance needs of the most demanding financial enterprises.