Honest Policy
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Embedded Insurance Agency Technology

Honest Policy is an insurance quoting, research, comparison, and policy reference tool. We prize customer privacy and only refer users to insurers they want to work with.
Honest Policy is a consumer advocacy insurance technology company. We work to help consumers make data-driven insurance purchases by providing a wide spectrum of reviews, public complaint data, and other in-depth research tools so our customers can feel confident they are making the smartest purchasing decisions.

Features & Benefits

Insurance wallet, learning center and other tools

Users are able to store and reference their existing policies and learn about insurance best practices.

Insurer research and comparison

Access to research tools for better understanding of existing or prospective insurance companies with reviews and unbiased ratings.

Insurance Quoting

Users can obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies across a growing list of insurance types. We even include ratings for insurers we cannot quote for maximum transparency.