ZSuite Technologies

ZEscrow is a responsive web app for compliant digital commercial escrow and subaccounting within commercial verticals. Banks use ZEscrow to gain low-cost core deposits, operate more efficiently, and expand their commercial portfolios

Features & Benefits

Maximize efficiency for treasury and sales teams

With ZEscrow you can automate time-consuming manual processes for your internal teams, including W-9 collection, interest calculation, splitting and disbursement, and statementing for subaccounts. You and your customers will also have online access to all subaccount information.

Organize, manage, and close escrow and subaccounts digitally

With ZEscrow's secure cloud-based interface, Commercial clients can now organize, manage and close escrow and subaccounts digitally and on their own. This can be done through the user interface, bulk upload of files, or even direct API connections. ZEscrow also features audit logging and reporting so you can track user activity.

Attract core deposits with new commercial relationships

With ZEScrow's online interface your commercial customers can have the consumer-level convenience they want for their business transactions. You can differentiate your institution by offering escrow and subaccounting tools that businesses need everyday.

Compliance made easy

Escrow and subaccounts for commercial clients are subject to compliance for the financial institutions regulations as well as for the regulations associated with the specific industries they operate in. ZEscrow makes it easy to be in compliant with both, no matter whether it is tracking down W-9 forms from beneficiaries, complicated interest splitting, timely notifications, or complex statement requirements.