Clinc Virtual Banking Assistant

Clinc Virtual Banking Assistant

Accelerator Chat - Digital Engagement
The Virtual Banking Assistant is powered by Clinc’s patented AI engine, providing an engaging digital experience that increases digital usage and removes high-cost, low-value customer contact. The Virtual Banking Assistant allows banks and credit unions to automate and address the majority of routine requests, freeing up resources to handle more complex and deep interactions. Users can check balances, make payments, transfer money, review transactions, and much more.

Features & Benefits

AI engine understands messy language and slang

Users can speak freely and normally, even using slang or sentence fragments, just as if having a conversation with a live person.

Conversational Healing

Ability for user to change mind or subjects without forcing them to start over.


User can move around freely during the interaction and assistant retains all context, so customers can inquire about multiple items in a single request without having to repeat information.

Proven 85%+ Containment at scale

With over 12 million sessions, Clinc's technology has proven to reduce burden on branches and contact centers -- over 85% of end users interacting with the virtual assistant never have to speak with a live agent.

Drive incremental revenue lift

Over 30% of users are exploring new products and services, with large percentage completing application

Cost-effective After Hours Support

Over half of use happens after hours -- providing customers 24/7, self service