DoubleCheck Solutions

DoubleCheck Solutions

Accelerator RegTech
DoubleCheck addresses outdated NSF & overdraft solutions by putting the power back in customers hands. DoubleCheck alerts customers of overdraft & NSF transactions while there’s still time to intervene and reprioritize pay/return decisions. They can also use additional payment options including available balance, credit cards, and more to avoid late fees & negative consequences. It has built-in compliance & audit trails to protect your financial institution from litigation and legislation.

Features & Benefits

Increases Revenue

  • Reduces FTE’s by automating processes

  • Enables cross selling of products

  • Introduces flexible revenue options

  • Attracts new customers

  • Increases focus on relationship building

  • Empowers staff, leads to less turnover

  • Improves customer retention

Provides Consumer Protection

  • Keeps customers in mainstream banking

  • Enables real-time customer engagement

  • Provides low balance notification

  • Allows for reprioritization of transactions

  • Offers alternate payment options

Mitigates Issues

  • Provides Audit Trails / Communication Logs

  • Helps Mitigate Class-Action Lawsuits

  • Offers Enhanced Fraud Prevention

  • Reduces Overdraft Collection Efforts

  • Increases Compliance