Let your customers send digital greeting cards!

Let your customers send Hallmark™ like digital greeting cards for any occasion from anywhere in your banking app.
Add an eGreetings button to your banking app and allow customers to send a digital greeting card. Install it for your account to account (A2A) money transfers so people can send gifts of cash (like putting cash inside a greeting card) to friends and family. Also install it on your home screen and create a Hallmark™ - like service for your customers to send digital greetings for occasions throughout the year.

Features & Benefits

Sticky family account

Your mobile banking app will be the only place your customers can gift cash to family in a personal way. It encourages families to bank together at your institution.

Monetize Person-to-Person (P2P) payments

An upcoming feature will introduce charging the customer for every eCard sent to offset your P2P costs. You will be able to charge $0.50 or $0.99 or more for each digital greeting card sent. Compare this to buying a physical greeting card for $5, $7 or more per card!

Drive more Person-to-Person (P2P) payments

When installed on your account to account page, this app provides a new use-case for sending money : Cash Gifting. Your customers will be able to send personal gifts of cash inside a digital greeting for Birthdays, Thank-You, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and hundreds of other occasions throughout the year.

500+ eGreetings included for occasions throughout the year

Vouchr provides hundreds of digital greeting cards and games, out of the box, for holidays and special occasions, that you can use to engage your customers all year-long. Customers like the ability to personalize and send a digital greeting card!

A Marketing Team's Dream

Marketing teams gain a new tool to engage customers all year long. Marketing teams can include a direct link to occasions they are promoting. Think of an email or branch marketing campaign that drives customers to your banking app to send an eGreeting card!

Drive more engagement in your Banking App

If you install the Vouchr eGreeting button on your Home Screen, your customers will return throughout the year as they discover they can send eGreetings to friends and family - creating more engagement in your mobile app.