A Segment-of-One Personalized Banking Experience. provides a personalization platform for the financial industry. The platfrom enables Credit Unions and Banks to have more relevant and dynamic digital experiences on public websites, email marketing, and digital advertising. The platform integrates with Q2 digital banking and Q2 Gro product applications to drive personalized content, imagery, and functionality across the digital channel.

Features & Benefits

Acquire More Customers Digitally

Using Machine Learning and AI algorithms, product promotions become more relevant and targeted, and the messaging tailored to visitor needs resulting in increased prospect engagement, applications and conversion.

Cross-Sell the Right Add-on Products to Increase Wallet Share

Through persistent nurturing and by using account and transaction data to target members with relevant content based on their needs and behaviors, highly relevant best next products and services are presented to members resulting in increased engagement and completed applications.

Earn Non-Interest Income

Target and promote non-interest income products and services.

Based on an understanding of existing product and account data, dynamically present the right add-on products to drive non-interest income to existing members and customers in the moments that matter.

Improve Digital Adoption and Self-Service Activities

Based on account data, service-related messaging can drive adoption of functions such as bill pay, RDC, direct deposit, and transfers by providing relevant communications to members and customers.

Improve Engagement and Satisfaction

By creating relevant experiences, members, customers and prospects will feel understood resulting in increased trust, engagement and satisfaction.

Increase Marketing Efficiency

With improved engagement, applications and conversion, your marketing dollars will go further and be more efficiently allocated to drive the most value.

Rapid Time to Value

From kickoff to launch in as little as eight weeks.

  • Adding value in eight weeks via SaaS deployment
  • Pre-Trained models enable rapid learning and understanding of your member, customer and prospect needs.

A Novel SaaS and Service Offering

We are acutely aware that project overload and project fatigue are real, and so we offer a full-service option, where we provide you a cost effective full-service solution to operate all aspects of the personalization platform for you. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the results.