Increase deposits & expand your retail footprint

while helping your customers live their best financial life. Plinqit helps everyone Money Intelligently™.
Plinqit has 2 ways to help banks and credit unions attract deposits. **High Yield Savings by Plinqit** (HYS), for high-volume growth, is a fully white-label way for financial institutions to spin up a digital brand or an affinity brand offering an attractive interest rate to drive new deposits. **Plinqit**, our namesake product, will help you grow low-cost, sticky deposits through financial wellness. And financial institutions can build in cross-sell opportunities for their products.

Features & Benefits

High Yield Savings by Plinqit will help your financial institution with

  • New, high-growth deposits
  • Digital bank spin-off in a new footprint
  • Affinity brand exploration
  • Affordable market testing
  • Cost-effective implementation and support

Plinqit automated savings and financial wellness helps with

  • Low-cost, sticky deposits
  • Financial wellness education and supportive CRA data
  • Targeted cross-sell opportunities
  • Automated savings for your customers or members. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • FREE for consumers. They pay nothing if they reach their goal.
  • Users earn rewards for engaging with financial literacy content.

Vi.Ledger by Plinqit virtual account ledger is

  • Simple
  • Informative - see how your depositors are doing
  • Complete - we are able to do everything from account opening and online banking platform to money movement, statements, and interest payments
  • Built with open APIs, so when you are ready to grow beyond High Yield Savings, we will grow with you