Triple Merchant Funded Rewards

Triple Merchant Funded Rewards

Accelerator Rewards & Benefits
A dynamic, flexible merchant funded offers platform. With Triple, you will delight your customers with merchant offers that feel relevant and personal while going beyond typical cash back offers with high reward incentives on specific product and store items. You will benefit from true platform economics with revenue share and merchant funded offers.

Features & Benefits


Triple’s platform connects you with more than 80,000 offers and incentives, on- demand. Our platform is the proxy between your card programs and an ever growing network of merchants.


Triple connects you with the most relevant content for your customers, easily & dynamically. No more showing the same offer tiles over and over.

Beyond cash-back

Our open nature enables us to provide innovative content beyond traditional cash-back: gift cards, high-reward SKU-based offers, merchant loyalty perks, pay-with-loyalty, direct merchants & offers onboarding, category- wide campaigns, discounts on services, and more.

Speed & flexibility

With a full range of deployment options, you can start delighting your customers right away or fine-tune every aspect of your user experience.

  • Managed deployment
    • Customized native mobile and web apps
    • State-of-the-art personalization & targeting
    • Automated transactions ingestion,matching,& settlement
    • Minimal technical resources required
  • Custom deployment
    • REST API’s,standardized SDK’s,and web widgets
    • Triple-managed or custom personalization & targeting
    • Transactions ingestion,matching,& settlement on your terms

Personalization that works

Drive customer engagement thanks to an out-of- the-box algorithmic feed that surfaces the most relevant offers & incentives, in context.

Built for you

We believe banks and financial services providers should have complete control over their offers & incentives programs. The capability exists to customize content, incentive programs, personalization, onboarding, reporting, and communication.