Build a larger & stronger loan portfolio, along with long-term client relationships, by offering Changed as your debt repayment hub. Our proven approach to debt management delivers desirable client relationships and unique insights into your borrowers’ financial journeys. We help borrowers achieve financial credibility while delivering attractive, long-term relationships to our FI partners. Let us accelerate your growth by building your credit quality, client engagement, and account retention.

Features & Benefits

Build the list of credit worthy customers for your institution

Changed gives customers the ability to link their loans into your mobile banking and accelerates them to financial success. Identify their debt loads and the goals they have around managing their debt. Receive the data to make custom repayment journeys for each customer and convert more lending opportunities that make sense to your customers.

Repayment made fun to engage your customers

Changed makes it easy for your customers to manage their debt in your mobile banking.

Give your customers

The Ability to link all of their debt into on one platform

Provide creative ways to save that align with budgets such as roundups and scheduled micro savings we call Boosts

Offer repayment strategies that help them maximize saving to reach financial goals sooner

Give more transparency to what on how their debt impacts them financially

Keep your cards top of wallet

Align daily spendings to financial goals your customers want to accomplish.

The experience Changed provides around daily spendings and saving toward a better financial future with debt has proven to increase transaction volume by 13% on average and has customers 78% more likely to use your institutions cards compared to your competition.