IssueDirect Card Management

IssueDirect Card Management

Accelerator Card Controls
Unlock the future of payment cards with IssueDirect's cutting-edge instant digital issuance and card management solutions. Seamlessly create and provision ready-to-use credentials in real-time, empowering banks and credit unions to swiftly deliver a digital-first experience in weeks through Q2's digital banking platform.

Features & Benefits

Alerts & Controls

Empower cardholders with an intuitive and comprehensive suite of tools to effortlessly control and monitor their accounts. Enjoy seamless access to card controls, personalized alerts, and powerful spend management features across all payment accounts, providing real-time visibility and control.

Instant Digital Issuance

The future of payment credentials is an all-digital end-to-end payment experience. Instant digital issuance enables real-time account creation, digital activation, and immediate delivery of ready-to-use credentials to cardholders, whether for new, lost, or stolen cards. Enjoy secure and uninterrupted digital transactions, even without the physical card, by offering cardholders the ability to transact digitally in real-time.

In-App Provisioning

Instantly enable spending by allowing cardholders to seamlessly add digital credentials to mobile wallets and card-on-file (COF) merchants. Our In-App Provisioning uses tokenization technology to automate the process of provisioning payment credentials, eliminating the need for tedious manual work. Your cardholders can easily add their Visa or Mastercard branded digital card from your banking app into Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets with just the tap of a button without having a physical card on hand.

Card Management

To meet the evolving expectations of today's cardholders, the need for instant access to information and swift problem resolution is essential. That's why the IssueDirect Card Management solution offers a range of value-added features designed to empower cardholders to control, monitor, and manage their credentials seamlessly from their digital banking. Providing this level of convenience and functionality, financial institutions can foster loyalty and keep cardholders engaged, ensuring a superior cardholder experience that aligns with their expectations in the modern digital landscape.