WithClutch loan applications for CUs drastically improve the front-end experience for members when applying for loans, and the back-end experience for consumer lending advocates who receive fully funded loan applications directly in their existing LOS. The unique workflow does a soft credit pull early in the app and cross-references their credit report to your CU’s rate sheets to offer the member refinance opportunities and the ability to apply for new pre-approved loans.

Features & Benefits

Loan application

Our loan software provides a beautiful UI that makes applying for a loan much easier for your members. With only a few questions, which we often can pre-fill with the users data, your members can apply for a loan in just 2 minutes. Our UI/UX is constantly being developed and improved and delivers a much better application experience than standard loan origination systems.


Our loan app cross-references every loan on a member's credit report with your rate sheet and immediately identifies any opportunities where a member could save. Your member is presented with a list of terms to choose from in an easy click-to-submit opportunity to save instantly and allow you to recapture your members' debt.


Want to collect signatures faster and easier than every before on your loan app? WithClutch allows you to use Docusign to automatically collect signatures as members submit their applications.

Balance transfers

Is your Credit Union still dealing with paper checks? WithClutch has a built in UI/UX for balance transfers that easily allows members to transfer balances from existing cards into the credit card they're applying for with your Credit Union. Our process handles the payment to the existing FI, removing the need for mailing checks.

Ready to fund auto loans

Almost all of the loans coming through WithClutch are ready to fund. Auto Loans applications typically require back-and-forth between you and your member, but WithClutch automatically pulls and provides the following docs:

  • Kelly Blue Book official value
  • State Vehicle Record
  • Payoff Statement
  • Title Documents
  • Window Sticker

Personalized URLs and pre-filled applications

WithClutch allows you to create a personalized URL for each of your member that pre-populates all of their personal information. This drastically reduces application submission abandons and allows members to move quickly to reviewing refinance and new loan opportunities.

Marketing automation

WithClutch provides Credit Unions with a marketing success manager who assists in building pre-approval campaigns, automated re-targeting campaigns through email, text and direct mail and builds a complete marketing strategy with you to ensure you're driving as many members into your loan applications as possible.