Expect security but demand convenience. HID to secure the end-to-end banking journeys through a seamless yet fraud preventive experience. HID can significantly shorten the deployment time and help banks and credit unions bring innovative services to market thanks to its integration with the Q2 Banking Platform. Book a demo at: calendly.com/hid-ca

Features & Benefits

HID Approve powered by the Authentication Platform

The HID authentication platform is now integrated with the Q2 banking platform powering your banking journey:

  • Frictionless user experience: Adaptive authentication that delivers single sign-on (SSO) gives swift access without reliance on passwords
  • A true end-to-end solution: We can supply every component — from hard tokens to biometrics to ID credentials — and are compatible with every major standard-based technology
  • Seamless security for any industry: Created for and trusted by the world’s most regulated industries, our authentication platform is suitable for any organization
  • Highly scalable: Cloud-native software can scale to millions of users while quickly and easily accommodate peaks in customer demand
  • Trusted digital identity provider: A single digital identity from HID allows access to multiple platforms and services
  • Highly compatible: The HID authentication platform is based on open standards — making it easy to integrate with existing systems

HID – A pioneer in delivering end-to-end digital banking journeys

One comprehensive solution that detects, records and analyzes users' behavioral biometrics to confirm accurate identity verification and minimize vulnerabilities:

  • Partner Services Team: True banking integration experts focused on shortening the value realization of your banking solution investment Our highly qualified and niche resources provide a wide range of technical and development support and ensures seamless integrations and faster implementation at the client site.
  • Professional Services Team: Technical experts and project management resources highly skilled in the banking sector can assist you with designing your unique user journeys to meet local compliance requirements.
  • End-to-End Portfolio of Solutions: Explore our scalable consumer banking solutions with identity verification, real-time risk and threat management and a variety of strong customer authentication capabilities to enhance your customers’ digital experience. While the Identity Verification Solution helps you ensure that only legitimate users can be onboarded, the Risk Management Solution constantly monitors activity risks and takes proactive actions in real time to significantly decrease the risk of bank fraud.