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Expect security but demand convenience. HID offers end-to-end security technology that allows for your organization to offer secure access while deploying seamless identity verification, intelligent threat detection and adaptive, risk-based authentication. HID can significantly shorten the deployment time and help banks and credit unions bring innovative services to market thanks to its integration with the Q2 Banking Platform.

Features & Benefits

Authentication Service

The HID authentication platform, available in cloud or on-prem, works behind the scenes to detect real-time inputs and automatically adjusts verification methods accordingly:

  • Frictionless user experience: Adaptive authentication that delivers single sign-on (SSO) gives swift access without reliance on passwords
  • A true end-to-end solution: We can supply every component — from hard tokens to biometrics to ID credentials — and are compatible with every major standard-based technology
  • Seamless security for any industry: Created for and trusted by the world’s most regulated industries, our authentication platform is suitable for any organization
  • Highly scalable: Cloud-native software can scale to millions of users while quickly and easily accommodate peaks in customer demand
  • Trusted digital identity provider: A single digital identity from HID allows access to multiple platforms and services
  • Highly compatible: The HID authentication platform is based on open standards — making it easy to integrate with existing systems

Real-time Threat and Fraud Detection

One comprehensive solution that detects, records and analyzes users' behavioral biometrics to confirm accurate identity verification and minimize vulnerabilities:

  • Seamless Consumer Experience: Undetectable to end-users, sparing them time-consuming and unnecessary authentication steps
  • 90% Fewer False Positives: Eliminates time and money wasted on the investigation of false threats
  • 90% Reduction in Authentication Costs: Machine learning, AI-supported, risk-based adaptive authentication does not rely on costly SMS verification
  • Regulation Compliant: Rule-based processes make compliance with data protection and central banking legislation easy
  • 70% Better Detection: Stronger than traditional fraud detection, it stops cyber attacks like phishing and zero-day malware before they happen
  • Simple Deployment: A single piece of code can connect your digital environment to the cloud or on-premise is available