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Send Invoices and Accept Payments Widget

Empower businesses and non-profits to send digital invoices and accept online and in-app payments directly from your Q2 digital banking channels.
Digital-first challengers are aggressively targeting small businesses, using online and in-app payment acceptance as their foot in the door. Stand out from competitors — make embedded payment acceptance part of your digital banking experience.

Features & Benefits

Send digital invoices, accept electronic payments

Send customers a professional invoice or estimate right from digital banking. For added flexibility, set up recurring invoices, payment/past due reminders, and sales tax rates. Digital invoices are delivered directly to your client's inbox, making it easy for them to securely pay online. All payments go directly into your checking account.

Get paid online or in-app

Need to accept payments online or directly in-app? Simply select accept payment in-app to key in payment details. You will also receive your own secure payment link to making accepting remote payments simple and secure. Share your payment link via text, email, or even paste into a web page. All payments go directly into your checking account.

Get paid through an app that your bank trusts

Autobooks partners with financial institutions so that getting paid can become part of your standard banking experience. Autobooks features can be accessed directly inside online or mobile banking — eliminating the need to manage multiple payment apps. That means there’s never a need to track funds (or forget them) inside a third-party wallet.