Payrailz® Pay A Person (P2P)

Open-Loop, Real-Time, Person-to-Person Payments
Payrailz' Pay A Person (P2P) enables frictionless open loop P2P digital payment experiences between consumers. It provides the freedom to conveniently send and receive money electronically with friends, family, or any individual with an account at a financial institution in the United States – simply by providing their email address or mobile phone number. Payments can be one-time or set up as recurring to be delivered in real-time, same day, next day, or on a future date.

Features & Benefits

P2P Benefits


  • Pay A Person works in real time via debit card and/or next business day via ACH.
  • With Payrailz' P2P solution, users no longer need to carry cash, download compatible payment apps, or write checks to make person-to-person payments.
  • Easy, seamless experience helps users quickly move their money electronically.
  • Contacts are securely authenticated, ensuring the payment goes to the correct person.
  • Next day ACH payments allow for streamlined processing and provide full transparency into the exchange of funds.
  • Real-time payments make funds instantly available to the recipient.