Empower credit unions and banks with an end-to-end contact center platform to improve the digital and mobile service experience for members, customers, and employees.
Talkdesk introduces a seamless, integrated solution that enables businesses to engage with their customers online in real-time. Embed Talkdesk Autopilot for Banking directly into your Q2 home online banking and mobile app for clients to initiate chat conversations, perform self-service tasks, or interact with customer service representatives without leaving their banking platform.

Features & Benefits

Pre-trained with AI for Banking

Human-in-the-loop technology that is already fluent in banking to understand and respond to common banking use cases. Virtual agent experiences are available to help deflect calls & reduce cost of high-volume, low complexity, low value interactions in order to preserve agent availability for high-touch/greater complexity/high value transactions.

Deeply integrated with banking cores & CRMs

Information from banking cores such as Jack Henry, Fiserv and FIS as well as CRMs such as Salesforce can be visible and acted upon in the agent workspace. Agents can generate loan payoff quotes, transfer funds, activate or deactivate cards, etc.

Purpose-built banking agent workspace

Customer info (account details, loan information, payments, etc) and interactions (phone, video, messaging, live chat, and email) brought into a single view. This single pane view increases agent efficiency and productivity lowering the overall interaction cost and improving customer satisfaction.

Out-of-the-box banking agent workflows

Pre-built workflows for common banking customer service use-cases such as report lost or stolen card, execute funds transfer, set up payment reminders, etc.