The Family Operating System®

Leading financial institutions implement Trustworthy to their digital banking experience to secure and manage their customers’ and members’ most sensitive information.
Thousands of tokenized assets, multiple collaborators, one household.

Features & Benefits

Everyone working together.

Your customers and members are looking for ways to securely collaborate with family members and trusted advisors. Trustworthy creates a client-owned environment for you to proactively engage with them.

Security is foundational.

Security is the most critical component of information organization. Trustworthy is SOC 2, HIPAA, and PCI DSS certified, to ensure that you, your customers and members, no matter how sensitive the information they have, can rest easy knowing their assets are safe.

Every asset is organized.

You, your customers, and members need to organize a variety of different assets. Trustworthy is a collaborative platform that makes it easy to access information when and where you need it.

Offer an organized overview of customers’ and members’ important information.

Financial accounts, insurance, taxes, property information, passwords, estate documents, family IDs--you and your customers and members can organize it all securely in Trustworthy.