Personetics Express insights enables midsize banks and credit unions to personalize their digital banking experience, boost engagement and drive revenue by delivering timely financial data driven insights & offerings to their end users. Up and running in just 12 weeks via SaaS deployment.

Features & Benefits

Powerful engagement solution, right out of the box

  • 60+ proven money management insights
  • Activity trackers, including balance and spending, cashflow projections, subscription management, and smart budgets
  • Mobile SDK and pre-built UX widgets that seamlessly embed into the bank’s digital application

Drive business impact far beyond traditional PFM solutions

  • Boost digital engagement – +35%
  • Drive action – 17% CTR on advice and product recommendations prompts
  • Increase cross-sell and upsell – 5-10% growth in accounts and account balances
  • Build trust and improve customer experience – +7pts NPS, 4.45 rating

Shorten time to market

  • Up and running in 12-weeks via SaaS deployment
  • Pre-Trained AI/ML models rapidly categorize and enrich bank data
  • Automated validation process quickly maps bank data to Personetics model.

Customize and optimize for continued growth.

  • Customize and build insights with codeless, user-friendly Engagement Builder tool
  • Track and optimize performance with analytics dashboard and industry benchmark reporting

From Our Customers

"Providing real-time, personalized insights within our online and mobile banking platforms will allow us to help our customers work toward their goals more confidently, one financial decision at a time."

  • Alastair Ironside, Chief Marketing Officer, Rockland Trust *

"It’s exciting to show people how these data-driven insights can make a real difference in their financial wellness, helping them see their own spending more clearly, set smart budgets, and identify opportunities to save."

  • Chris Barlow, Vice President Digital Channels, Union Savings Bank *

From Our Customers

"We were able to bring the ‘Surprise Savings’ to market very quickly because we already had a successful implementation with our partners at Personetics…They were innovating on things that helped us accelerate that…it took some of the burden off of the heavy lifting that we had to develop on our end."

Anand Talwar, Deposits and Consumer Strategy Executive at Ally Bank