Trusted by leading enterprises, OneDigitalTrust is a digital estate & inheritance planning platform which offers a secure, and simple app to let users create legally valid (50 states & DC) documents - will, revocable (living) trust, healthcare and financial powers of attorney among others. Why not empower your customers to complete essential end-of-life inheritance planning to spare surviving family the stress and expense of dealing with endless bureaucracy?

Features & Benefits

Buffet-style - "all-you-can-eat" pricing

With the most comprehensive set of features, all aspects of the platform are always available to all users to utilize. No nickeling and diming if a user wants to move up from a Basic will to a Custom will or to a Revocable trust. ALL features are included and available whenever life changes may dictate its use.

A trusted, enterprise-grade platform

Trusted and used as a private-label platform by leading enterprises. Bank-grade security ensures user information remains safe and private and changes in laws are incorporated in a timely fashion.

Annual "Estate Health" check

Capability to prompt user to undertake a review of key life-events to ensure that the plan remains refreshed. Users can invi=oke the health check at anytime or at specific-intervals.

Built-in "smarts" for just-in-time education

Intelligent Document Vault recognizes changes and updates and identifies only the specific legal documents that are affected and need to be replaced. Knowledge base provides just-in-time relevant legal information based on user actions and choices.

Legally Valid in All States (50+DC)

Attorney verified and validated. Legalese simplified. Users specify their wishes, print and follow simple instructions for state-specific notarization.

Designed as a lifelong digital estate planning offering

Customers can create, update and store all of their estate planning documents on one platform. Excellent financial (inheritance planning) tools and capabilities help the user keep their plan refreshed and updated with changing life-events.

Bequeath "emotional" items

Elegant capability to allow users to bequeath items of sentimental value (e.g. grandma's china, mom's wedding dress) makes it easier for Executors to distribute while mitigating family conflict.

Bequeath "life-stories"

Ability to allow users to write "bite-sized" stories and augment with audio, video and images to bequeath to descendants so they may read them and draw inspiration from them to navigate their own lives...