Q2 Spend Manager

Spend Manager offers easy-to-use expense capture and organization tools for small businesses and consumers, saving them time and money, and driving more engagement and retention for your institution.
Spend Manager helps businesses and individuals track and manage their receipts, allowing them to accomplish a wide variety of use cases, such as: tracking travel and project expenses, managing warranties and returns, reconcile their expenses to transactions for tax time, and more. By providing this solution, your institution benefits from new online engagement and the long-term retention of your user base.

Features & Benefits

Reconciling Expenses

80% of small businesses cite reconciling expenses as a pain. With Spend Manager, users can take advantage of our Transaction Matching feature that automatically links a receipt to a transaction, making this process effortless.

Auto-extract and populate Information

Manually inputting reconciliation and transaction data take 4 or more hours each month for a small business administrator. By leveraging OCR and ML technology within Spend Manager, each receipt gets uploaded, processed, auto-extracts and populates key fields for your users.

Expense reports

Expense reports can be generated with ease! Using the Download option within the solution, your users can export one or many documents in a variety of formats (JPG, PDF, CSV, Zip), including a formatted expense report excel sheet listing key information extracted from each receipt.


Spend Manager can be accessed on-the-go or at your desk! Users can access and manage the solution through both Web and Mobile channels, as well as having the ability to forward digital receipts from an email account or POS terminal using the E-Receipts functionality.

User engagement and retention

Users who adopt this solution stick around long-term! Receipts can be accessed and stored for years within the platform, which is embedded directly into your online banking-- driving stickiness and reliance from your users.