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The Flex Giving Account

Accelerator Charitable Giving
FlexGiving is a Donor Advised Fund product with all the tax, wealth management, and charitable giving benefits that implies. Donate directly from your account to any of over two-million charities. Use the causes feature to capture donations for targeted charities from both members and non-members. This dramatically expands your visibility and increases the good you and your members can do. Marketing integration reduces acquisition costs and adds a fresh arrow to your marketing quiver.

Features & Benefits

Award Winning - From a Trusted Source

Winner of the Q2 2022 Innovation Award.

A product of Ren Inc., the largest independent philanthropic organization in North America serving most of the nation's largest financial institutions for more than 35 years. The FlexGiving product is innovation in action and represents the future of charitable giving.

Acquire New Members

Fact: 83% of millennials say they would be more loyal to companies that help them contribute to social and environmental issues.

Our public cause feature allows you to broadcast your local/national charitable giving initiatives. Share locally or more broadly. Reach people new to the region. Take advantage of the way we capture non-member participation and integrate our captured prospects into your marketing acquisition programs, reducing acquisition costs. Find out how our gifting feature delights members and can be used to augment acquisition efforts.

Safe and Secure

All valid IRS listed charities, church, and educational entities are supported. There are over 2.3 million charitable giving options. All transactions leverage your secure Q2 solution. Industry standard personal and application level security in place.

Demonstrate Community Leadership

Demonstrating compassion, taking responsibility, and delivering visible results are central to meaningful community leadership.

With FlexGiving, you can get ten's, even hundred's of thousands of dollars and more, into the hands of your local charities. Now it's possible to inspire members and make a demonstrable, evidence-based impact in your community.

Fund Raising, Gift Matching and User Gifts, Marketing Support, Marketing Integration

Our Public Cause Pages are highly customizable supporting video, rich text descriptions, and more. They permit accepting donations from both members and non-members alike increasing reach and visibility. Match grants, match causes, create giving challenges, and explicitly demonstrate community leadership. Better yet, our customer success team is there to help you every step of the way.

We're fully integrated into your banking application providing a seamless quality, service. You can be up and running quickly, and the system requires little administration. Accordingly, little training is required.

Keep Members for Life

Fact: 60% of Americans donate to charities. We're passionate about our giving. It's a family, neighborhood, and community concern. Giving transcends the day to day connecting people and providing meaning in ways no banking app alone ever could.

As a result, one of our banking customers reported that their FlexGiving members logged on 55% more often, more consistently, and 8 of 10 would strongly recommend the service to a friend. Conclusion: adding FlexGiving to your banking experience adds engagement, increases visit frequency, builds loyalty, and inspires members.

Based upon a full-featured Donor Advised Fund foundation

Every user of the FlexGiving solution has their own donor advised fund. This supports not only charitable giving, but also wealth management through flexible giving and tax document management.

This is critical as we witness the greatest generational wealth transfer in history. Over $16 trillion will move from boomers to their children in the next decade. Millennials are different than their parents. As a result, learning the means of attracting and retaining millennials is a strategic priority. FlexGiving can be a core ingrediant in your solution.