Serve your members & customers in the channel of their choice-Text, Chat, Digital Audio, Video, Phone. Automate over 40% of your front-line issues across all channels and unlock actionable insights from voice and digital data with the industry’s only AI and Digital First Contact Center solution designed for Credit Unions and Community Banks and pre-integrated with the Q2 Digital Banking Platform. Rated # 1 by CUNA Strategic Services for Texting and Omni-Channel Solution

Features & Benefits

Reach Members and Customers in the channel of their choice

Each member has a different preference for their default channel and channel to use based on the issue. Eltropy's Channel-Less architecture gives the choice of channels to your customers while easily allowing you to manage the resources across all channels.

Show... Don’t Tell

Online banking asks more of your members and can be complex for some members. With Live Observe and Co-Browse, show the members how to use your website and reduce future phone calls.

Unlock Actionable Insights

Your voice call recording and text & chat transcript have hidden insights that can help you improve your member's and customer’s service experiences and help guide business decisions. With Eltropy Conversation Intelligence, unlock the goldmine of actionable insights and take your operations to the next level.

Convert More with Remote Video Banking

There is more to Video Banking than just video. With Eltropy’s Video Banking capabilities, engage and serve your members from queries to full banking transactions.

Free Up Agents for Relationship Building

80% of the calls into your contact center are probably routine calls that can be handled by Eltropy Intelligent Virtual Agent. Automate such calls and free up your agents to help members and customers with complex issues and build relationships.

Match Members and Customers with Right Resources

As more and more members choose to engage with you digitally, connecting them to the right resources on first contact is the key to CSAT and your operational efficiency. With Eltropy’s Skill-Based Routing, implement the routing strategy that best fits your business needs.