End-to-End Conversational AI Platform for Banking

Enable conversational banking with AI-powered Voicebot, omnichannel Chatbot, Co-browsing solution, AI Agent Assist, and ASR as a Service.
Floatbot is an end-to-end Conversational AI platform for banks - Voicebot, Omnichannel Chatbot, AI Agent Assist, and ASR as a service. Banks can leverage Floatbot to automate inbound/outbound calls,customer support, increase digital sales, reduce operational costs, boost agent productivity. With our self-learning NLP, we help banks launch a customer support FAQ bot within hours across 15+ customer-facing channels - call,text/SMS, Messenger,WhatsApp,websites, and mobile apps.

Features & Benefits

Floatbot UNO – Contact Center AI

Floatbot UNO is an end-to-end deep learning-based contact center automation solution that helps you automate customer support across all customer-facing channels. It also has advanced contact center AI solutions, such as AI agent assist and speech analytics.

Floatbot UNO is built on top of Floatbot's deep tech Voice AI technology, which offers 95%+ NLP accuracy. Also, the solution is pre-integrated with popular contact centers, including Genesys, Five9, Avaya, Ameyo, Cisco, and Nice inContact.

Plug and Play deployment integrated with Q2 eBanking SDK

Floatbot is pre-integrated with Q2’s Caliper SDK and Q2’s API framework. Floatbot Chatbot platform is able to securely authenticate user with Q2 eBanking SDK. Floatbot is 100% secured and certified by Q2

You can deploy Floatbot’s Chatbot and Voicebot, that is pre-integrated with Q2 eBanking, within hours

Deflect upto 60% of contact center calls

Floatbot helps FIs deflect up to 60% of inbound and outbound calls with the help of conversational AI Chatbots and Voicebots. With Floatbot in place, your human agents can spend the saved time on crucial tasks - such as building relationships, creating sales opportunities, and closing deals.

Regularly optimize your business processes with advanced analytics

Analyze conversations happening with your customers across call and text with advanced analytics tools on our platform and get powerful insights into customers’ behavior, sentiments, intent, and more.

Increase digital sales by up to 150%

Floatbot helps FIs increase digital sales of new accounts, credit cards, loans, insurance policies, and other banking products with a hyper-personalized buying journey on Chatbot or Voicebot with "Robo-Advisory." Also, make appropriate recommendations to upsell and cross-sell.

Reduce customer support cost by 40%

You can automate up to most FAQs and 80 - 90% of all customer queries with AI-Powered Chatbots and Voicebots. It saves the resources spent on recruiting, training, and managing support teams

Industry-specific knowledgebase

The Floatbot platform is end-to-end trained on thousands of contextual rules specific to the banking space. This is one of the main reasons behind the high accuracy of the solution - 95%+ NLP accuracy and less than 500 millisecond overall response time.

Here are some of the use cases for which Floatbot is pre-trained:

  • Accounts and Balance inquiry
  • Account Statement
  • Transaction history
  • Analytics - list high value transactions
  • FAQs related to banking products/services, loan eligibility/Interest rates
  • Customer on-boarding for credit card/debit card, insurance, loans
  • Block credit card/debit card

Increase CSAT scores by 80%

Deploy Conversational AI Voicebots and Chatbots as helpful assistants who are 24x7 ready to support your customers. Now your customers can report lost cards, ask for information or make transactions through simple human-like conversations with the bots.

Ensure security with Voice Biometrics

Floatbot’s advanced voice recognition technology can identify and verify the user’s identity. Provide a secure, convenient authentication option to your customers.

Boost Agent Productivity with AI Agent Assist

With AI Assistant in place, your customer support agents don’t have to struggle to find relevant information while talking (or texting) to customers. The bot (virtual assistant) finds answers from an unstructured data set – website content, scripts, documents, pdf, Word, and knowledge base.

It frees time for your human agents to focus on delivering customer delight, building relationships, generating sales opportunities, and closing deals.

Launch bots within hours

Launch customer support FAQ Chatbot in hours as Floatbot has self-learning NLP. You don't have to train the bot on thousands of intents as the bot self-learns with unsupervised learning from unstructured data (website pages, PDFs, Word, and other documents).

Omnichannel banking - banking where your customers want

Floatbot’s omnichannel capabilities enable you to interact with customers on their preferred channel - call, mobile app, website, text/SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Also, they can switch channels without losing the context of the conversation.

The bot developed in Floatbot acts as Chatbot on Chat channels and Voicebot on Voice channels - providing a seamless, unified experience across Call and Text.

Enhance customer onboarding with Co-browsing

Deliver a positive customer onboarding experience with an end-to-end onboarding solution, including Co-browsing, Chatbot, audio/video calls, AI AGent Assist, and Live Chat.

Enable conversational banking

Provide your banking services through AI-powered Voicebot and Chatbot. Enable your customers to make transactions, find information, and process service through simple, human-like conversations across all customer-facing channels - such as call, text/SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, the website, and mobile app.