Conversational AI Chatbot and Voicebot

Floatbot.ai is a SaaS-based conversational AI platform that helps banks and fintechs to automate customer support, increase customer experience and digital sales.
Floatbot enables Community and Credit Union banks to launch Conversational AI Chatbots and Voicebots within weeks, making banking Omni-channel and Millennial ready. It is “No Code” platform that allows building unified bots, that can be launched on Web portal, Mobile app, Integrate with Contact center solution, using advance Workflow builder and Conversational AI tools.

Features & Benefits

1000+ Conversational AI workflows and Knowledgebase, Certified by Q2

Floatbot is pre-trained with 1000+ AI workflows and knowledgebase for Banking for following use cases:

  • Accounts and Balance inquiry
  • Account Statement
  • Transaction history
  • Analytics - List high value transactions
  • FAQs related to FI products/services, Loan eligibility/Interest rates
  • Customer on-boarding for credit card/debit card, Insurance, Loan
  • Block Credit card/Debit card

Plug and Play deployment integrated with Q2 eBanking SDK

Floatbot is pre-integrated with Q2’s Caliper SDK and Q2’s API framework. Floatbot Chatbot platform is able to securely authenticate user with Q2 eBanking SDK. Floatbot is 100% secured and certified by Q2

FI can deploy Floatbot’s Chatbot and Voicebot, that is pre-integrated with Q2 eBanking in less than 4 weeks

Deep-tech AI enabled Chatbot and Voicebot

Floatbot offers patent-pending NLP, NLU, Speech-to-text (ASR) and Text-to-speech (TTS) model with 95+ % accuracy. Other deep-tech modules include ML, 150+ language support, Voice Biometric

Floatbot leverages the most advance transformer based AI models that offers highest accuracy for NLP/NLU including synonyms, spelling errors

Floatbot NLP Engine allows to build knowledge-base using advanced unsupervised deep learning models from structure and unstructured data, including large corpus of chat, voice and documents

Floatbot UNO – Voice AI

Floatbot UNO, is end-to-end deep learning-based speech recognition solution, that performs well with noisy environments and different accents, that integrates with Contact Center solution and is able to automate inbound and outbound calls. Floatbot UNO includes Speech-to-text and Text-to-speech module, . Floatbot Speech-to-text module is able to process audio file in <50 ms with accuracy of 95+ %

Floatbot UNO integrates with Genesys, Five9, Avaya, NICE InContact and many other contact center solutions

Deflect upto 60% of contact center calls

Floatbot helps FIs deflects upto 60% inbound and outbound operations cost with Floatbot Uno (IVA / Voicebot) and make support available 24x7. Increases CSAT score, and transforms customer experiences into customer loyalty and trust.

Increase Digital Sales by up to 150%

Floatbot helps FIs increase digital sales of new accounts, credit card, Loan, Insurance and other banking products with complete application journey on Chatbot or Voicebot with robo-advisory

Reduce Customer support cost by 40%

Floatbot’s Virtual AI agent will be able to answer most of the FAQs and automate first-line support. An average cost saving per query using chatbot will be about $0.70, which makes chatbots the most efficient way of customer service

Increase Customer Experience by 80%

Floatbot offers Voice enabled Chatbot on Chat and other social media channels. Floatbot makes banking omni-channel and millennial friendly in less than 4 weeks. Floatbot allows to add new features and banking services on Chatbot 90% faster.