Conversational AI Built for Banks & Credit Unions

Engage customers/members like never before and enjoy immediate ROI with the Virtual Financial Assistant from Abe.ai (an Envestnet solution)
Abe.ai’s Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) is an AI-powered conversational customer service experience, deployed on your website, mobile app and/or phone system. The VFA is quick to deploy & delivers immediate ROI with customizable FAQs, guided account opening & contact center integrations - plus upgradable functionality for advanced tasks like transactions, personalized insights & micro-savings.

Features & Benefits

Empower (Authenticated) - Support financial wellness with personalized insights

Become a trusted partner in your customers' financial journey. Proactively suggest opportunities for financial wellness based on personal financial habits.

Transact (Authenticated) - Enable fast & easy money movement

Allow your customers to access secure data and perform banking transactions, such as transfers, through chat.

Grow (Unauthenticated) - Showcase new products & services

Proactively start conversations with customers based on their web site actions. Highlight products and services with rich media elements.

Assist (Unauthenticated) - Answer common service requests

Delight customers with intelligent automated responses to common requests. Increase the efficiency of your support personnel by reducing inbound volume of repetitive tasks

Virtual Financial Assistant

Abe.ai’s Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) is a managed solution that can interact with your customers in a natural and conversational way in the channels they prefer - web site, online banking or mobile app. No matter where you are on your digital transformation, we have a VFA product to meet your needs.

Rapid Expansion

Our technology and team are structured to rapidly scale with your institution no matter where you are on your digital transformation.

Continuous Improvement

Conversational AI is a technology that evolves over time. Abe.ai is relentlessly focused on continuously improving performance for your institution.

Exclusive Financial Focus

Abe.ai focuses exclusively on the finance industry, giving financial institutions of all sizes a leg up for quick, effective launches.