Relevant experiences faster

Deliver relevant customer experiences across all your digital channels, faster. Unlock the power of insightful, personalized digital banking experiences with Experience Studio, by Flybits. Quickly create, design, and launch relevant, data-informed experiences across your digital channels and transform how your customers engage with your institution.

Features & Benefits

Adaptive Digital Banking

Flybits empowers Q2 Banks and Credit Unions to deliver products and messaging tailored to each individual's saving, investment and financial goals.

Contextually Relevant Messaging

Move beyond generic messaging by leveraging Flybits to combine real-time contextually relevant information, personalized for each individual.

Streamlined Q2 Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate Q2 data once and deploy it across hundreds of use cases. Efficiently and securely manage data to power always-on customer experiences.

User Guided Dynamic Experiences

Collect customer insights from goals, interests, and feedback allowing for a more personalized and contextualized experience tailored for each user’s goals.

Templated Experiences

Access a library of ready-to-use & proven templated experiences aligned with specific business goals and interactions throughout the consumer lifecycle.

Cloud-based, White Label Solution

Integrate personalized experiences matching your brand, content and customer experience goals within weeks.

Benefits for Financial Institutions

  • Higher engagement through contextual marketing and personalized content driving more cross-sell, upsell, and renewal opportunities.
  • Improved retention through dynamic journeys that adapt to each customer’s goals, preferences, and feedback.
  • Lower attrition rates through understanding where customers are in their financial journey.
  • Operational Efficiency empowered by no required code knowledge for experience teams to design and launch campaigns within days.
  • Minimized customer support needs through contextualized experiences, ensuring customers receive pertinent information and assistance promptly.

Benefits for Customers

  • Cost savings by receiving targeted discounts, promotions and incentives based on previous behavior.
  • Improved financial health when presented with suggestions and solutions that align with financial goals.
  • Increased trust and loyalty when customers feel understood and valued with hyper-personalized recommendations.

From Our Customers

"The people at Flybits are very hands-on. They visit us on a quarterly basis to align and understand our needs and figure out how their tools can truly work with us. For us they are more than just a vendor partnership. Flybits is a real partner to Members 1st." Chris Conway, VP of Digital Products at Members 1st Federal Credit Union

From Our Customers

"Flybits is the connective tissue between internal & external data so we can understand customer needs & behaviors, and deliver highly personalized experiences." Rizwan Khalfan, EVP and Chief Digital & Payment Office, TD Bank Group