Setting a new standard for payments.

Real-time money movement | Mobile-first innovation | Implementation expertise
Allied’s digital pay platform extends beyond bill pay with features and digital money movement options that others in the market are still developing—all from one easy-to-use and easy-to-implement centralized app. Now community financial institutions can compete more effectively with MegaBanks and technology giants like PayPal, Venmo and Square, and differentiate an institution with the digital pay technology consumers and small businesses demand.

Features & Benefits


In 2010, almost 40% of consumers made online bill payments through their bank. That number is now down to 22%.* A primary reason for this migration away from institutions’ online banking is the fact that payments on biller sites are faster—often credited immediately, thus avoiding late fees.

Allied is the first bill pay provider in the industry to offer real-time funds collection (debit from core), and real-time push of payment to billers. This advancement allows users to complete electronic payments in minutes (or, worst case, the next day).

Legacy bill pay providers require 1 to 3 days for batch-based payments, thus impacting consumers’ ability to budget and manage finances efficiently and accurately.

  • Aite Group, How American’s Pay Their Bills*


‘Making payments simple’ is not just Allied's tagline, it’s a commitment to simplifying the entire payments process, including deploying the technology at a financial institution.

Our implementation team has performed hundreds of highly successful migrations/conversions from all three major bill pay competitors. As a result, we have earned a reputation for refreshingly easy implementations that yield rave reviews from our clients and technology partners.

Our turnkey process and easy-to-integrate mobile design minimizes effort and complexity, and can be deployed in as little as 60 days, depending on a financial institution’s timeline planning and success.


The rise in digital, mobile technologies has forever changed consumers’ expectations for the payment experience—so much, that younger generations now make banking relationship decisions based on tech experiences, not interest rates or branch convenience.

Allied has applied mobile-first, responsive design to our entire suite of products since the introduction of our industry-first photo bill pay solution PicturePay® in 2008, and our focus has never waned.

Our eBills interface was designed with user-centered components that rival biller sites—even on mobile devices—allowing users to manage their financial wellness from one secure, central location, with features like:

  • Guided set-up wizard
  • Full statements
  • Up-to-date payment information
  • Fast and timely payments
  • Immediate confirmation that payment was made