Providing X-Ray Vision to your SMB Portfolio

Monit enables community and regional FIs to supercharge digital advice at scale for SMB owners
Monit gives FIs a never-before-seen view of their Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB) clients via their accounting data. For the FI, Monit has designed dashboards & APIs to automate growth opportunties for current and prospective SMB clients. In exchange, SMBs receive access to best in class cashflow tools and automated personalized guidance at scale.

Features & Benefits

SMBs: Cashflow Forecasting

12 month cashflow forecast

SMBs: Customized Advice & Guidance

Tailored "CFO-like" insights to assist SMBs in financial management

SMBs: Industry Benchmarking

Ability to allow SMB clients compare/contrast amongst their peer average with respect to revenue size, market, and industry.

SMBs: Expense Optimization

Provide assistance with recurring expenses, fees, and receivables management.

SMBs: Financial Event Planning

Allow your SMBs to plan out future scenarios to guide decision making and visually show how certain events impact current cash on hand and the forecast.

FIs: Aggregate SMB Portfolio Dashboard

Provide your bankers with real time SMB portfolio analytics.

FIs: Next Best Action

Call our API for Next Best Action & Product insights to deepen relationships and get ahead of your SMB clients' needs.

FIs: Campaign Builder

Create, Filter, and Sort through alternative data sets to build your own sales & marketing lists.