Entersekt fully integrates the most secure multi-factor authentication features, including biometrics, for clients using the Q2 Digital Banking Platform. We are also one of the first partners leveraging the Mobile SDK in the Q2 Mobility App. Fore more information, visit https://www.entersekt.com/q2-fraud-prevention

Features & Benefits

Offer seamless advanced authentication options

Protecting your customers’ accounts shouldn’t mean added effort for them. Offer secure, easy access through multi-factor authentication that suits their needs – by leveraging biometrics on their PCs and mobile devices, via your own banking app or even without any apps.

Trust your customers’ devices to enable better user experiences

We have helped secure almost 80 million devices while limiting device drift and avoiding device collision. Identify your customers and offer better experiences by transforming their mobile apps and desktop browsers into compliant possession factors of authentication with our patented technology.

Eliminate account takeover and SIM-swap fraud

Fraud is a lucrative business for scammers, leading to financial losses, a breakdown in trust between an institution and their customers and damage to credibility. Protect your customers against account takeover fraud commonly associated with traditional OTP authentication - such as SIM swap fraud.

Frictionless authentication options 

With our Browser ID silent attestation, you can enable frictionless login experiences, and lower friction within high-risk transactions by attesting to the possession factor, silently, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Enable secure, self-service password resets

Password resets can cost up to $3 per incident, with thousands of incidents occurring every month. Remove the burden of cost from your call center with a seamless biometric solution that your customers are already familiar with.

Secure high-risk transactions including P2P and Instant Payments

If you are not yet convinced of the vulnerabilities around OTPs, the risks associated with instant payments should be enough to sway you, especially considering more than 47% of Americans are planning to or have used a P2P payment service.