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Secure and compliant authentication.

Eliminate SMS OTP fraud with advanced authentication that removes friction.
Entersekt is a leading provider of consumer multifactor authentication solutions with a special focus on financial service channels. Our mission is to help organizations deliver secure, compliant and innovative digital experiences to their customers.

Features & Benefits

Low-friction payment authentication

Continuously evolving regulations such as PSD2 put institutions under enormous pressure to secure their customers’ payment journeys without negatively affecting the user experience.

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Secure, app-less authentication

Up until now, more common authentication methods have relied on the presence of a mobile app to be effective. But other methods exist to reach customers without an app – whether they’re on a browser or a mobile device.

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Passwordless authentication, enabled through FIDO

These days, consumers can each own up to hundreds of online accounts. Considering how passwords are typically chosen, stored, and retrieved, it’s time for smarter, more secure, and convenient authentication alternatives.

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Strong device and endpoint identity

We have helped secure over 70 million devices while limiting device drift and avoiding device collision. Identify your real customers by transforming their mobile apps and desktop browsers into compliant possession factors of authentication.

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Seamless multi-factor authentication

Protecting your customers’ accounts shouldn’t mean added effort for them. With Entersekt, you can provide them with secure, easy access through multi-factor authentication that suits their needs.

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