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Experience the power of Avid Traveling, where the emotional allure of travel becomes your tool to entice new customers and keep your existing ones captivated. Our travel privileges booking platform is your gateway to generating new revenue while driving engagement and loyalty. Join us at Avid Traveling and meet your business goals. Embrace the power of travel and deliver more value for your customers today!

Features & Benefits

Customizable & Turnkey Technology to Fuel Your Growth

With our cutting-edge technology as your trusted ally, the potential for your growth is boundless. Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that our customizable, adaptive, configurable, and scalable solutions will pave the way for your ongoing success.

Offer your customers access to the most competitive travel inventory at unbeatable prices

Join the world of travel possibilities, where our most competitive inventory awaits. With a comprehensive selection of top-notch options, travel dreams are just a few clicks away. Cruise - Your customers will embark on a journey like no other with our vast collection of over 30,000 available itineraries, spanning across an impressive 44+ cruise lines. Whether they crave the vastness of ocean horizons or the tranquility of river cruises, our diverse cruise offerings ensure that they’ll find the perfect voyage to suit their dreams. Air - Taking flight has never been more convenient with our impressive roster of 400+ global airlines. From full-service carriers to budget-friendly low-cost options, we cover both domestic and international flights, ensuring your customers have the freedom to explore any destination on their bucket list, no matter how near or far. Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Homes - Rest and relaxation await with our selection of over 1 million unique hotels, resorts, and vacation homes scattered across the globe. Your customers will have access to all major hotel supplier chains and boutique providers, sourced from over 20 partnerships through our exclusive relationships. Whether they seek opulence or simplicity, our curated accommodations promise a memorable stay at every location. Car - Your customers will hit the road with confidence as we offer all major car rental companies across 30,000 worldwide pickup locations. Whether they plan to start their adventure directly from the airport or prefer off-airport locations to uncover hidden gems, our extensive car rental options cater to their preferred travel style. Hosted Tours - For the adventurous souls seeking guided experiences and cultural encounters, our selection of 5,500 unique hosted tours is an absolute surprise. Curated by 11 renowned tour providers, each experience is thoughtfully designed to immerse your customers in the essence of the destinations, leaving them with cherished memories that will last a lifetime. No matter your customer’s travel aspirations, we stand ready to make their dreams a reality, delivering unmatched convenience and choice to craft the journey of a lifetime.

Agile & Sophisticated, Integrated Marketing Approach

With our integrated marketing expertise, your business will thrive in the ever-evolving landscape. Join us on this journey, where data-driven strategies and creativity converge to elevate your businessto new horizons.With over 25 years of expertise and certification across diverse industries and marketing landscapes we take pride in partnering with the world’s most iconic brands, delivering fresh and forward-thinking marketing ideas that are tailor-made for your valued customers. Member Centric - With a strong focus on member centricity, our approach revolves around serving timely and relevant content at every stage of your customer’s journey. By nurturing lifetime value, we ensure that your customers feel genuinely cared for. Omni-Channel - Our omni-channel strategy is designed to meet your customers in their preferred channels of communication, ensuring seamless interaction via phone, email, SMS, chat, app, direct mail, paid campaigns, and social media. By facilitating diverse touchpoints, we maximize engagement and cater to their unique preferences. Personalization - Personalization is at the core of our marketing efforts, powered by advanced technology that drives sophisticated segmentation and automation. Through understanding the distinct characteristics of your audience, we craft tailor-made messages and experiences, fostering deeper connectivity. Immersive Merchandising - Our immersive merchandising approach captivates your customers with engaging content and curated offers, enticing them from the initial interest phase to the final booking decision. By creating a seamless and compelling journey, we drive conversions and inspire action. Lifecycle Marketing - At every step of your customer’s lifecycle, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating deeper loyalty and engagement. From the moment of acquisition to the stage of advocacy, our lifecycle marketing strategy aims to nurture and retain your customers.

Best-In-Class Customer Service

Experience unparalleled customer service at its best with our dedicated support teams, available round-the-clock to cater to your customers’ needs. Our customer support team boasts fluency in 22 languages, enabling us to provide seamless communication and support to a diverse global audience. No matter the channel of choice, our support teams are equipped to serve your customers with excellence. From online chat to SMS, email, and phone, we cater to various preferences, making it convenient for your members to reach us at their convenience. With 24/7 support available, you can rest assured that assistance is just a call or message away. Our presence spans across 10 global offices, ensuring that our services are accessible and responsive to your customers’ needs. Having serviced over 62 billion minutes of support, our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. Our impressive net promoter score of 54 is a testament to the satisfaction and loyalty our support teams inspire among your customers. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your customers are in the care of the best-in-class service team. With our unwavering dedication and expertise, we are ready to elevate your customers’ experience and help you build lasting relationships.