Through ModernFi + Q2, banks and credit unions can offer insured sweep accounts to attract and retain large-value depositors. ModernFi’s sweep program lets financial institutions provide extended insurance to depositors through program institutions, sweep excess liquidity, and source funding. ModernFi's Q2 integration powers frictionless onboarding & operations for both depositors and financial institutions, unlocking the full potential of sweep and reciprocal products.

Features & Benefits

Attract and retain deposits

Offer frictionless sweep accounts with extended insurance to attract large-value depositors and drive deposit growth. Extended FDIC and NCUA insurance are provided by program institutions

Improve the stability of your funding

Increase the amount and ratio of insured deposits at your financial institution through ModernFi's sweep and reciprocal program

Eliminate friction for your high-value depositors

Take advantage of ModernFi's Q2 integration to streamline onboarding and management of sweep accounts for key clients

Reduce operational burden for your ops team

ModernFi's Q2 integration automates depositor onboarding and account + program management, eliminating manual processes