Grow new accounts by servicing your turndowns!

Curu is a full-suite decline solution that enables FIs to service their rejected consumer credit applicants through personalized credit-rebuilding products, tools and services.
Curu is a leading credit rehabilitation and financial solutions engine. Seamlessly onboard your rejected audience into a user-friendly web app and Curu will guide them through a personalized credit acceleration plan while matching them with accessible financial solutions offered by you, tailored to their goals.

Features & Benefits

Data & Analytics

Know your customers better and identify new opportunities to strengthen your relationship with them.

  • Identify marketing opportunities
  • Reduce risk of flight
  • Predictive credit analytics

Personalized Financial Literacy

Strengthen the financial wellness of your customers with financial literacy that is personalized to their financial circumstances.

Trigger Alerts

Know when your customers are credit qualified and can graduate to new accounts.

Personalized Action Plan

Guide your customers graduation to new accounts with automated action plans that are personalized based on each end-users financial profile.