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Industry Trends

Financial Instutions seek to improve customer experience through partnerships.

Source: Cornerstone Advisors What's Going on in Banking 2019 study

Banks and Technology companies plan to increase partnerships over the next 3-5 years.

Source: PwC

Business leaders believe marketplaces and ecosystems will be a major change agent in the next 5 years.

Source: Accenture Strategy: Conterstone of future growth ecosystems

Who is Q2?

finance Q2's industry leading technology enables regional and community financial institutions (RCFIs), to deliver a suite of integrated digital banking services. Q2's solutions all operate on a common platform that supports the delivery of unified digital banking services across the online and mobile channel. Q2's platform provides a single point of management enabling RCFIs to deliver targeted experiences, including tailored rights, features and branding to account holders. Q2's online banking platform is utilized by financial institutions in all asset classes; from hundreds of millions of dollars to tens of billions of dollars in assets. Thanks to a single online banking platform, a financial institution is able to deliver Q2's award winning digital banking experience to its consumer, small business, and corporate customers alike.

Q2's online banking platform is use by 450+ financial institutions in the United States. These 450+ financial institutions represent 18,000,000 registered end users. Every month about 70% of those end users log will log into an instance of Q2's online banking platform. 1 in 11 online banking users in the US and 33% of the top 100 US banks use Q2's software. Q2 ranks 5th when comparing registered and active end users to the registered and active end users of the largest financial institutions in the United States (behind only BoA, Wells, Capital One, and Chase).

How does Q2 do integrations?

online_transactions For 15 years Q2 has been integrating other's financial services in it's digital banking experience. Q2's digital banking platform is not only the industry's best, but its also the most open. Because of the Caliper SDK, a Q2 customer can easily and seamlessly add new features, functions and capabilities to their digital banking platform. No other digital banking provider has the tools and experience to enable financial institutions to rapidly build and deploy new fintech partnerships like like Q2 does. Here you can read about a recent partnership between Stanford Federal Credit Union and Transferwise.

The Q2 Caliper SDK is available to any fintech that is interested in bringing its product or services to the 450+ financial institutions and 18 million end users on the Q2 platform. An integration built using the Caliper SDK can easily be added to any of Q2's 450+ financial institution's online and mobile banking. Q2's digital banking platform has a unique set of capabilities that allows a fintech to easily monetize its product offering inside the trusted digital banking channel. The digital banking channel will help you reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your total attainable market. Click here to register and let's get building!

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