From banking to wealth management

Turn your bank app into a money management and investing superapp with a full suite of digital wealth management services available for customers.
Unifimoney is a turnkey multi-asset digital wealth management platform with active and passive investing in shares and ETF’s, over 37 cryptocurrencies and precious metals. Unifimoney enables FI’s to provide access to innovative digital wealth management services to their customers via their existing digital channels. Unifimoney RIA is an SEC registered RIA providing digital advisory services. Selected for the ICBA 2022 ThinkTech Accelerator.

Features & Benefits

Buy, Hold and Sell over 50 cryptocurrencies

A comprehensive crypto trading platform. Trade over 50 cryptocurrencies including all major crypto coins from as little as $3. More added on an ongoing basis.

Buy, sell, and store your crypto assets in a simple, elegant, and secure platform

Delivered via our partner Gemini, a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, and custodian

High speed and high stability, with trades executed in microseconds

Trade 52 cryptocurrencies with more being continually added

Gemini is a licensed New York trust company regulated by the NY Department of Financial Services and built with industry-leading security from day one

Commission Free Trading of Thousands of US Equities and ETF's

Trade U.S. equities, ETFs and ADRs (American Depository Receipts)

Commission Free - create your own custom portfolio

Real time fractional investing - from only $1

Unifimoney Themes To give our users the most helpful and insightful window into the market, our Board Advisor Max Osbon created 12 Investment Themes — intriguing, future-looking categories within which he has identified companies worth looking at.

Semiconductors & AI Innovation Focused LGBTQ+ Women in Leadership Information Technology Clean Energy SaaS and Cloud Software Entertainment Tech Travel Digital Health Biotech Digital Finance

Passively Invest with our Robo Advisor

Auto invest each month and passively grow your wealth with Unifimoney RIA (a fully owned subsiduary of Unifimoney)

Invest lump sums when you want

Artificial Intelligence and Quant based portfolio design

From as low at 0.15% per year (~$1.50 per $1,000 invested)

Portfolios built and managed based on your risk profile

Choose an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) portfolio model if you want

Trade Precious Metals - Gold, Silver and Platinum

100% physical metal backing

Instant liquidity (24/7 access)

Direct ownership of metal

Buy in any quantity from as little as $5

3rd party verification & audit

Fully insured