Life Benefit by Wysh

Life Benefit by Wysh

Accelerator Insurance
Life Benefit is a compelling reason for customers to choose and stay with your bank. Seamlessly integrate up to $10,000 of free life insurance to deposit accounts with no opt-in or underwriting, ensuring security and simplicity for your customers.

Features & Benefits

Capture New Customers and Grow Deposits

Provide a straightforward way to enhance customer financial security by offering micro life insurance. Stand out in the banking market and give your institution an additional marketing lever to pull.

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly integrate Life Benefit with minimal effort into your banking system. Life Benefit Utilizes existing procedures and can be implemented in as little as 30 days.

Compliance Made Easy

By partnering with Wysh, you get support navigating the complexities of banking compliance. Our team helps ensure that your marketing and operational practices adhere to regulations effortlessly.

Improve Your Deposit Margins

Adding Life Benefit provides additional flexibility for managing your deposit costs and unique differentiator as you navigate crediting costs through rate changes.

Help Close America’s Insurance Gap

Capture more than 106 million Americans that are not adequately protected*. *LIMRA Insurance Barometer Study, 2022.

Streamlined User Experience

Life Benefit offers a highly visual and user-friendly interface, making it easier for your customers to understand and appreciate the value of their banking experience coupled with life insurance benefits.

Financial Security Enhanced

Strengthen customer relations by providing an added layer of financial protection worth up to $10,000. With up to 10% of life insurance coverage on deposits, you can offer peace of mind in an innovative package.

Enhance Customer Trust

Build stronger relationships with your customers. Life Benefit's innovative approach to integrating life insurance with banking boosts customer confidence and loyalty.