Data driven embedded finance widgets

Embedded finance widgets that allow your FI to give business customers the data-driven insights they need for financial and business decisions that boost productivity for you both.
Embedded into digital banking, upSWOT enables business customers to connect their data for continuous, API-enabled access to the SaaS apps they use most such as QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Stripe, and 100 others. upSWOT uses this data to deliver insights into trends and performance across your customer base creating insights and proactive alerts; strengthening relationships and building loyalty with business clients, generating cross-sell opportunities, and improving loan underwriting.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced loan onboarding

Approve lines of credit and loans faster by leveraging business customer's data from their commonly used applications.

upSWOT’s authentication and authorization process eliminates the time and friction of manual data sharing. Business users simply log in and connect the applications they use to run their business; enabling automated and continuous data sharing.

Marketing automation

upSWOT groups business customers based on their connected data. Highly personalized insights and product recommendations are delivered via email, push notification, or text, at the right time, to the right customers, at the moment of greatest impact.

Those same insights can be fed via the upSWOT API to your CRM, marketing automation systems, or business orchestration workflows.

Underwriting done right

Make business loans based on the business performance and projections, not just the owner. upSWOT automatically monitors AR/AP, P&L, balance sheet and tax returns placing your customers’ latest financial data at your fingertips.

Early warning system

The early warning system helps relationship managers immediately see critical changes in a client’s business activity. This allows for proactive interventions from the FI that can have maximum impact.

The customizable monitoring system is designed to track suspect events and data anomalies from more than 100 API-connected apps.

Sales insights

upSWOT surfaces the right data at the right time to support FI relationship managers with insights and proactive alerts. This strengthens relationships and builds loyalty with business customers.

With a comprehensive view of company performance, FIs and businesses receive crucial insights, trends, and opportunities to make data-informed business decisions.

Detailed analytics & financial reporting

Regular weekly reporting helps relationship managers optimize customer outreach activity.

Relationship managers can dig into transactional data, tax returns, AR/AP, payroll, and other financial details of business operations and performance. Data can be easily downloaded or delivered to your CRM via upSWOT's API.

Cash Flow Forecast

upSWOT's cash flow forecast generates a visual projection of cash flow by analyzing data from connected sources. It also presents confidence intervals to illustrate best- and worst-case scenarios, while allowing for scenario modeling. This feature empowers business owners to gauge the effects of revenue and expense changes over time.

Key Metrics

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) serve as vital gauges of business performance. upSWOT's KPIs blend financial institution data with information from connected applications (e.g., Amazon, Xero, QuickBooks, Square). This real-time data updates offer business owners an at-a-glance overview of their financial health.

Business Credit Score Boost

A revolutionary tool that transforms how business credit scores are perceived, enabling businesses to access, view, and enhance their credit scores. By enhancing the business credit score, this tool streamlines the lending process, broadens credit access, lowers borrowing costs, and enhances loan terms.


Our insights generator cross-analyzes multiple applications’ data streams to understand current issues facing the business and how to resolve them. The data-driven insights suggest specific actions the business can take to improve operations and profitability.

Insights are delivered in real-time and with context and supporting detail to ensure they are understood and trustworthy.

Business Valuation

Accurate business valuation and market value estimates are pivotal for strategic planning. Our valuation tool delivers insightful mapping, highlights areas for improvement, resolves identifiable issues, and suggests preemptive measures. The AI-powered model's results can be compared to those of similar public and private (in anonymized way) companies , affording businesses a broader competitive perspective.


The Accounts widget provides businesses with an instant snapshot of their cash position across a range of accounts. This encompasses accounts in other financial institutions, eWallets, and even cryptocurrencies. Where available, it taps into open-banking APIs to extract transaction-level details from aggregated accounts, offering deeper insights into spending patterns and cross-selling opportunities.

Payment Calendar

This inclusive payment guide organizes a business's invoices, bills, and subscriptions for a convenient overview of expenditures. The widget offers actionable alerts for upcoming due amounts, potential savings, and ensures timely payment scheduling.

eCommerce & Sales

Our eCommerce component provides a clear overview of performance across all connected eCommerce platforms and in aggregate.

Critical to understanding the success of each platform, the tool illustrates trends over time for each channel where there is sales activity. The component shows profitability, margin, efficiency, and other key metrics to improve weaknesses and leverage strengths.

Multi-company (coming soon)

Many business owners manage multiple companies or keep multiple locations separate. upSWOT can aggregate statistics across their various entities and display them in one location.


upSWOT can evaluate more than just financial data. Our marketing component looks at each connected platform and presents a clear view of the effectiveness of each solution used. The aggregated view shows such key metrics as user acquisition strategy, click-thru, engagement, conversion rates, and ROI.

Carbon Footprint

Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) reflect a business's impact on the environment and society. upSWOT is here to make sense of this as well. Our ESG component evaluates spending patterns and calculates the business's CO2e. The results allow business owners to make more environmentally conscious spending decisions.

Tax Management (Coming soon)

Our tax component allows businesses to see historical tax filings all in one place at the click of a button. Users may also download relevant past filing summaries and forms - eliminating the frustration and friction associated with compliance and streamlining the application process for virtually any product or service.