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Development Tools

Q2 SDK is more than just APIs. It's a toolset for building functionality without worrying about the complexity of running code in production.

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Getting your work into production is how we measure success.

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Hands on training and robust documentation to rapidly achieve productivity.

Online banking

Caliper SDK

When you combine the industry's leading online banking platform with the most robust SDK

Want to add a brand new page or workflow to your online banking? Caliper SDK makes this a breeze, it's the most common use case.

Sometimes you don't have the time to build an integrated workflow or a vendor's APIs don't support it. Fear not! The Caliper SDK makes creating SSO connections to vendor's very easy, especially if they implement an SSO standard like SAML.

Want to decorate an existing online banking page with additional functionality or messaging? Creating widgets that are easily placed throughout online banking is just like making a full page extension, just smaller.

Is the integration you are looking for as easy as dropping a vendor's javascript into online bankings HTML? Lucky you, 4 or 5 steps an you have an easily deployable package that will add that javascript to the HTML of online banking.

External services

Caliper API

We have externally accessible APIs for external services to connect to.

One of the most common use cases for the Caliper API is to create new online banking users. Group assignment, account linking, and profile creation all packaged up in an single easy to use JSON API.

Need to know if a user exists in the Q2 OLB system or what the status is of a particular user? Caliper API has a few different APIs that help you query the Q2 OLB system.

Have outside systems that want to deliver alerts to the OLB user's registered devices (text, email or push)? SendNotification is the API you need, just tell us the user id and the message and we'll take care of the rest.

There are APIs for all the things we've thought about so far, but adding new APIs is no problem. If they are useful enough to the broader Q2 user base, we will get them added for everyone. If the use cases for the API is specific to an integration, no problem. The Caliper SDK is able to add custom APIs very easy.

Pre-built extensions

Partner Marketplace

A catalog of pre-built integrations that a financial institution can easily drop into their online banking.

Many of the integrations in our Partner Marketplace allow a financial institution to generate non-interest income by selling valuable software services to their end users.

Q2 takes the hard work out of fintech partnerships by providing consistent integration points regardless of the financial institutions underlying technology.

Fintechs are building amazing user experiences and want to bring those experiences to a trusted digital channel.

Pre-built extensions


Deploy innovative third-party solutions without the pain and risk of custom, one-off integrations.

With unprecedented speed to market and one integration, Accelerator gives you built in exposure through Q2’s existing client relationships.

The award-winning SDK offers readily available data along with one implementation across all operating systems.

The banking channel is highly sought after and Q2 has deep relationships with its 450+ financial institution clients with 18 million end users.

Latest Partners

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