Instantly Send & Receive Checks Online

No More Worries About Lost or Delayed Mail. With eMailACheck, Send & Receive Checks Within Seconds!
eMailACheck is a 21st century payment solution. Quickly and easily send, receive, and deposit checks within seconds anywhere, any time, on any device via email or SMS.

Features & Benefits

Streamline Check Processing

Simplify the check processing workflow and improve operational efficiency. With eMailACheck, easily access complete and accurate check information providing end-users with irrefutable proof of payment and timely delivery.

Minimize Risks & Increase Security

Safeguard your payments and lower the risk of false checks with eMailACheck's advanced security features, verifying additional data embedded in each check. Provide customers with peace of mind by ensuring greater security to minimize the potential of fraudulent transactions.

Reduce Cost & Improve Efficiency

Use eMailACheck to reduce process redundancy and risk of errors. No need for manual data entry and check scanning. Optimizing resources enables focus on delivering superior service to customers.

Customer Experience Focused

eMailACheck's API is a seamless turnkey solution. Support-enabled integration also includes comprehensive documentation for developers to accelerate time-to-market for new applications. Now, users can enjoy a hassle-free and secure payment, real-time account management, and trust that their banking experience is prioritized and valued.