Ascenum Marketplace

Ascenum B2B Marketplace for SMBs

SMBs connect to high-impact, curated service Providers for help at Defining Moments including access to Growth Capital, Operational Improvement, and Advisory services to help Sell their Business.
Ascenum is a B2B Marketplace that enables FIs to expand relationships and introduce service options for their SMB clients beyond traditional banking products. FI's can be a "sticky" digital gateway where SMBs can search and find curated, matched Providers when facing a high-impact business need throughout their business life cycle, whether to access Private Debt & Equity Capital, Tech/Marketing/Finance improvements, Fractional C-Suite services, or Advisors for Exit Planning & Sale of a business.

Features & Benefits

FIs broaden their SMB client relationships as strategic advisors and build enduring client loyalty and retention

Ascenum is an extension beyond deposit, lending and financial transaction services, offering value across all stages of an SMB business life cycle. This allows FIs to play a continuing, significant role with their clients.

FIs add new, distinct services without the time and cost associated with innovation

Ascenum Marketplace allows FIs to take their SMB clients beyond Deposit, Lending, Cash Management and other established services.

FIs can earn NII referral fees

Ascenum has built a simple, intentional economic model that favors FIs and SMBs (and also simplifies economics for the high-impact Service Providers that ultimately match to SMBs). Each time an SMB pays Ascenum to access matched Service Provider(s) detail and contact information, the corresponding Q2 FI realizes revenue.

FIs add tools on their banking platform that SMB clients need in a digital world.

More and more FI clients rely on digital-first UXs, experiences and channels. Ascenum meets this digital preference on the FI platform, and expands the services SMBs access from their FI.

Matchmaking with curated Service Providers for SMB's Business Defining Moments

Success for an SMB may hinge on getting Defining Moments right. Additional Private / Specialty Capital to Grow; operational know-how and improvement for Marketing, IT and Finance functional capabilities; Exit Planning and discreet Business Sale Advisors when the time is right to fully monetize one's hard work. Ascenum Marketplace curates these Providers and then matches SMBs to to them when SMB business characteristics and requested service requirements align to Provider Offers.

Expanding Choices for SMBs

Many SMBs rely on a local, personal network of professionals and friends to direct them toward Service Providers for critical business decisions and projects. Ascenum Marketplace expands choices and possibilities for SMBs by curating proven Service Providers on a national scale, and Matching SMBs to Providers based on SMB characteristics and unique service requirements.

SMB-controlled, fast, affordable

SMBs are in complete control of interactions with Providers. An intuitive interface, requiring No PII, allows SMBs to search Ascenum Marketplace in minutes for thumbnail descriptions of Matching Providers. SMBs then have the choice, to pay Ascenum $199 for a full reveal of up to 6 Matching Providers' contact information and details.

SMBs save time and simplify searching for Providers

SMBs experience an easy-to-use marketplace that costs nothing to discover whether there are Providers matched to their business characteristics and service requirements. Rather than a series of google searches, prioritizing, more research, emails, phone tags, and check-ins across their personal networks - and the time and effort associated with these steps - curated, Matching Providers can be identified in minutes.

No solicitation by Providers

SMBs are never solicited. Ascenum does not share SMB details or interest level with Providers or any other 3rd parties. Providers, when successfully curated, voluntarily add their Offer details to Marketplace. When an SMB's business characteristics and service requirements Match an Offer, then the SMB has the opportunity (for a "Summit Pass" fee paid to Ascenum of $149) to access the contact details for Matching Providers. The SMB then controls all ongoing interactions.