Customers and members expect service that is high-touch and available around the clock. LinkLive solutions allow you to be there by offering an elegant and frictionless solution that you need to deliver optimal CX. LinkLive is purpose-built for financial professionals that need compliant communications solutions, especially in the contact center setting. Trusted by over 1,100 financial institutions, the LinkLive platform empowers banks and credit unions to deliver positive customer experiences.

Features & Benefits

Conversational AI powering your Intelligent Digital Assistant

Let customers start the conversation with our always on, intelligent conversational AI and pass the conversation to a human agent to discuss the technical details as needed. Provide fast, automated answers to common questions to reduce the workload on contact center staff. Increase customer satisfaction (and staff engagement), reduce unnecessary friction and strike the right balance of self-service and human touch all to drive loyalty and revenue to your institution.

Essentials for Financial Institutions

Offer your customers and members a way to connect, the way they want to connect. LinkLive offers all of the essential communication capabilities allowing a modern financial institution to increase loyalty and drive revenue, including chat, SMS, voice and video calls, secure mail and screen-share. LinkLive native Workforce Management (WFM) will empower your contact center supervisors to accurately schedule their staff out six weeks, based on actual, historical session data. Easily integrate LinkLive into your Q2 platform to securely connect customers and agents in real time or asynchronously. Quickly migrate to secure voice and video to strengthen the bond with your customer or member and talk through complex financial topics with ease. Empower agents, brokers and other licensed professionals with secure, encrypted mail that includes the ability to send and receive file attachments to close the deal quickly and drive revenue, even with highly complex transactions.

Enterprise-level Secure Communications

With the Premium+ package, financial institutions can use LinkLive as a singular communications solution for all contact center, member service center and enterprise communications. This package is designed for all users and staff within an organization, empowering them to seamlessly connect internally and externally, and always be there for the customer or member. LinkLive is also available in the iOS app store, giving licensed professionals a way to securely connect with clients and prospects, from anywhere. With the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) capability, LinkLive is the omnichannel, digital-first contact center solution for connecting customers and agents. LinkLive will empower agents to respond to customer or member inquiries in any channel, and provide the best experience in whatever channel the customer or member prefers. Supervisors will have access to a complete dashboard, allowing them to course correct in real time, support agents with coaching and meet their SLA targets. Expanding into the Enterprise Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) capability, LinkLive can replace the entire phone system within an enterprise, providing a secure platform for employees in the office and beyond. Virtual numbers, routing calls directly to a staff member's personal device, will ensure compliance for inbound calls and outbound dialing. Financial institutions can consolidate vendor relationships, cut costs and deliver a better employee experience with a complete UCaaS platform.

Futureproof your Customer Engagement

Beyond the essentials, LinkLive offers the capabilities to future-proof your customer and member engagement. The LinkLive conversational AI Library of Bots will assist financial institutions to automate the mundane and allow agents to focus on solving complex problems for customers and members. By deploying conversation history with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations, native appointment scheduling and private, digital multimedia conference rooms, financial institutions can engage deeply and trust through elegant, frictionless interactions. Integrations with relevant social channels take the engagement to the next level. Today's customers and members are more likely to reach out via social media, and integrating these channels into LinkLive will allow agents to support and respond to inquiries on the spot, in any channel. LinkLive Premium Reporting empowers contact center supervisors to easily keep track of their vital metrics and ensure that all SLAs are being achieved, in real time and course correct where needed.

AI that Matters

At LinkLive, we believe in AI that Matters. AI itself is not a solution for every problem, but it is a great solution for some problems. LinkLive provides three types of AI to support the entire customer or member experience. Conversational AI allows your institution to be there for customers anytime, day or night. By providing self-service options, you can reduce the burden on staff and deliver efficient and effective customer support. Agent Assistance AI allows natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze customer conversations in real time and provide suggestions to equip your agents with the solutions required to create a successful outcome. Performance AI uses algorithms to identify patterns and trends to deliver insights from the vast amount of data generated from customer interactions and agent activities. Optimize your contact center operations, reduce costs and enhance the quality of your customer's experience.