Finit Refer
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Member growth on autopilot

Launch an innovative digital referral program within a week, with no maintenance required
Revolutionize your bank's customer acquisition with Finit Refer – a gamified digital referral program that increases referrals. Seamlessly integrated into your Q2 digital experience, it's never been easier to incentivize and reward customers for sharing with friends and family.

Features & Benefits

Customizable Programs

Finit Refer can be tailored to meet the unique growth strategies of any partner.

Automated Rewards

Finit automates the process of rewarding members for their referrals and loyalty, saving time and effort for staff.

Integrated Referral Marketing

Finit provides customers with an easy and rewarding way to share their institution with friends and families.

Account Activation

Finit not only attracts new customers but helps foster your best ones.