Tomorrow's Money Movement. Today.

Alacriti’s cloud-based platform, Orbipay, delivers solutions to provide modern payment experiences, such as instant payments (the RTP network and the FedNow Service), EBPP, and unified money movement.
Alacriti’s Orbipay platform seamlessly integrates loan payments with the Q2 Platform. Alacriti is a leading payments fintech dedicated to helping FIs accelerate their digital transformation. Our comprehensive unified money movement and payments platform, Orbipay, is built on a flexible, cloud-native ISO20022 framework. Orbipay is the foundation for an array of real-time payment solutions, allowing clients to rapidly deliver the modern payments experiences that today’s accountholders demand.

Features & Benefits

Developer API

Our comprehensive Developer API provides flexible options to integrate your customer/member-facing channels and applications with the Orbipay EBPP platform. API integration options include Web Redirect, SSO, REST, SAML, and Web Services.

Hosted Payments Form

Accept payments directly from your website, without the burden of PCI DSS compliance, by embedding our ready-made UI and applying your financial institutions’s branding.

Payment Center

Provide your service staff the ability to access profiles, view payment history, schedule and manage payments on behalf of customers/members, view reports, and perform other day-to-day service tasks through role-based user access. All your accountholders’ billing and payments information is easily accessible in Payment Center.

Customer/Member Portal

Deliver a superior experience through our fully customizable self-service portal that allows your accountholders to quickly make one-time guest payments or enroll for full-service capabilities.

  • Guest Payments: Customers/members can use an account number and ZIP code, or other identifying information, to make a fast one-time payment without needing to login.
  • Enrolled Payments: Customers/members enrolled in the full-service portal can view payment history, manage billing statements and funding sources, select payment options (one-time, recurring, or autopay), and sign up for alerts and notifications.

Payment Options

Deliver flexible, convenient payment options tailored to the needs of your financial institution and your accountholders, and support unique billing and payments needs across different lines of business through a single platform.

Payment Options include:

  • One time
  • Recurring
  • Autopay
  • Skip a Pay

Payment Methods

Accelerate receivables, drive member satisfaction, and quickly adopt emerging payment types and channels.

Payment methods include:

  • Card payments
  • ACH: Supports ACH payments for accountholders that prefer to pay directly from bank/credit union accounts, whether house accounts or external accounts.
  • Cash, Checks, and Point-of-Sale (POS) Payments: In-person cash, check, and POS payments can be recorded in Orbipay EBPP.
  • Apple Pay/Google Pay

Payment Channels

Improve accountholder satisfaction, reduce costs, and adapt quickly to changing organizational needs with a comprehensive set of secure and convenient payment channels. Orbipay EBPP’s self-service portal is accessible from any device including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

  • Payment channels include:
  • Guest Payments: Authenticated one-time payments; no enrollment required
  • Enrolled Payments: Authenticated member payments made via the web portal; enrollment required
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Accept payments over the phone with hosted IVR services.
  • Pay by Text: Accept payments via SMS text messages.
  • Agent: Call center agents or at-the-counter staff can process payments in-person or over the phone using Payment Center.
  • Walk-In: Accept walk-in cash payments at 30,000 MoneyGram locations across the country, including Walmart and CVS.
  • Chatbot: Accept payments via AI chatbot Ella through web, Facebook Messenger, and intelligent personal assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant).