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Cryptocurrency - Choice and Access

Enabling secure and compliant access to in-demand cryptocurrency investment tools
CryptoFi is a turn-key solution that offers end users access to educational material and responsible investing tools to buy, stake and sell leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and more. CryptoFi has integrated with Q2 for a seamless user experience and has developed robust Admin and Analytics features to maximize customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

Features & Benefits

• Add new revenue streams with transaction fees across the basket of coins you choose to offer. Option to earn yield on the digital currencies that are held in your cold storage vault, and pass through yield to your customers

• Establish your institution as a forward-thinking industry leader through white-labeled educational content on blockchain and digital currency technologies

• Offer 24/7/365 transaction capability and recurring purchase / dollar-cost averaging program through CryptoFi's integration with multiple liquidity providers

• Access and manage real-time revenue metrics, customer analytics, and settlement information from the CryptoFi admin dashboard

• Promote fully compliant and secure access to cryptocurrency via CryptoFi's integrated network of licensed custodians and liquidity providers

• Rest assured that your program remains in full compliance with current regulatory requirements. CryptoFi’s dedicated Compliance, Risk and Legal teams include industry experts spanning cryptocurrency and financial services regulation.

• Curb customer attrition, attract end users back from FinTech banking platforms, and build new primary banking relationships by offering access to leading cryptocurrencies