Q2 Platform-Native Cryptocurrency Access Solutions

Discover additional forms of non-interest income; increase client retention and AUM; and enable frictionless crypto-asset transfer from 3rd party exchanges - seamlessly within your existing app.
The CryptoFi Q2 integration increases user retention, acquisition and non-interest income; enables crypto-asset balance transfer from exchanges; and drives Member engagement opportunities. The buy-sell-hold features coins beyond Bitcoin. Financial / crypto literacy is delivered by In-app education and engagement content. Interchange income and crypto adoption are driven by an integrated reward program. A strong service center provides turnkey access to best-in-class liquidity and custody.

Features & Benefits

Your Members Are Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Credit union members invest in cryptocurrencies at over twice the national average. Enabling members to buy, sell, and hold crypto through your credit union provides a safer, more secure, and easier experience than at unregulated exchanges. It gives your members peace of mind and a trusted way to invest in digital assets. Additionally, the solution opens the door to reclaiming capital from external exchanges and apps.

Seamlessly Deliver Customer Education & Engagement Content

Increase your customer financial and crypto literacy with robust educational materials. Drive engagement with a broad suite of Marketing in a Box tools.

Acquire & Retain Members with an Innovative Service

Members want the ability to safely and securely buy cryptocurrency through their Credit Union or bank.

  • 39% of CU Members own crypto (vs 16% of US adults)
  • 51% of US adults who DON’T own crypto want to buy it from their trusted Financial Institutino

Acquire & Retain Customers and Increase ROA wit Buy / Sell / Hold

Curb customer attrition to on-line exchanges and attract new primary relationships in younger customer segments looking for access to cryptocurrencies. Increase non-interest income, while delivering services that keep the institution top-of-wallet.

Enable Frictionless Crypto-asset Balance Transfer from 3rd Party Exchanges

Integration with crypto exchanges & wallets enabling users to move fund and crypto to your institution via your native app from exchanges such as Coinbase, etc.

Smart Routing / Flexibility in Liquidity and Custody

Smart-routing and in-dashboard control delivers options for which Liquidity Provider or Custodian is enabled, from an established portfolio of best-in-class services – optimizing the trade experience.

Robust Management Dashboard

Experience unparalleled control and insight into your cryptocurrency transactions and status from the Ops Center management dashboard.