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Segmint generates actionable insights from your financial institution customers' spending data. Easily utilize Segmint's data platform to direct and track personalized and strategicly targeted omnichannel campaigns for enhancing the account holder experience.

Features & Benefits

Marketing Automation

Turn insights into action with meaningful marketing campaigns that deliver the right message through the right channels at exactly the right time.

Merchant Payment Cleansing

Turn confusing transaction strings into clean, actionable data to fuel best in class online banking statements, predictive models, operational reporting, and target audiences...all with industry leading speed, accuracy and scale.

AI Predictive Modeling

Leveraging the full universe of Customer Insights (KLIs), Segmint deploys a suite of predictive models and any client-defined custom predictive models for any FI with incredible speed and scale.

Customer Insights

Leveraging your core and transaction data, customer insights are generated providing actionable data to enhance customer engagements, acquire a better understanding of customers, improve analytics and upgrade technology investments.