Financial Interactive Voice Experience

Give your members the power of voice

No mouse. No touch screen. Just voice.

Financial Interactive Voice Experience

FIVE is a voice banking platform designed to evolve as new voice services come to market. It leverages the expanding number of voice services and devices and provides uniformity with all data stored and managed in a central platform. FIVE also supports a credit union’s brand with dozens of configurations and custom interactions. As new voice features are developed, new conversations are readily accessible to the solution. (SSO/oAuth page for use by the BIG FIVE product)

Features & Benefits

Credit Union Information

  1. Rate Info
  2. Routing Number
  3. CU Website Address
  4. CU Address and Phone Number

Messaging for your members

  1. Create a message to your your members from the CEO.
  2. Create custom messages.
  3. Tell members about your CU's history
  4. Targeted Promos

Account Information

  1. Account Transfers
  2. Account History
  3. Account Balances
  4. Account Summary
  5. Loan Payment

Member Info

  1. Track Spending
  2. Travel Notice
  3. Cancel Card
  4. Lost Card Help