eMailACheck are checks for the 21st century. Our patented technology is a new and improved secure eco-friendly way for your banking customers to send, receive and deposit checks instantly. Your customers can write, send, receive, and deposit a check without ever leaving their chair.

Features & Benefits

Reduce and Eliminate Fees:

You eliminate bill pay service fees, postage, handling fees and minimize overhead cost with eMailACheck.

Prevent Late Charges, Penalties, and disputes:

With eMailACheck the chances of your customers’ receiving late charges and penalties are eliminated. As the checks arrive on the date designated by the payor, both parties have proof of delivery. Don’t be blamed for your bill pay service mailed payments arriving late and having to cover those costs.

Prevent losses:

By having customized checks with real signatures and alter-proof features. Payments arrive to the intended parties and the bank will reduce losses and the customer will not have to deal with the aggravation of checks that are lost or altered.