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October and September 2022 Newsletter

Partner Go-Live announcements!


We are excited to announce four new Q2 Accelerator Partners: CryptoFi, Plinqit, Carefull, and Connect Earth!

The CryptoFi Q2 integration increases user retention, acquisition and non-interest income; enables crypto-asset balance transfer from exchanges; and drives lending opportunities. The buy-sell-hold features support leading coins beyond Bitcoin. Financial / crypto literacy is delivered by In-app education and engagement content. Interchange income and crypto adoption are driven by an integrated reward program. A strong service center provides turnkey access to best-in-class liquidity and custody.

Plinqit's automatic savings helps with the first step of the financial wellness journey: SAVING MONEY. Plinqit allows digital customers to save for specific goals using an automated experience that makes it fun, rewarding and social. It also allows your financial institution to provide relevant financial education and cross-sell your products and services in a more meaningful way.

Carefull is a PRT (Protect / Retain / Transfer) provider that helps banks support older adult clients & bridge to the next generation. Seniors face $50B in fraud and mistakes, and 45M Americans are now involved in an aging loved one’s finances. Carefull offers both groups a service to safeguard finances: senior-specific money, ID, and credit monitoring; $1M in ID theft insurance; a password & document vault, and a Trusted Contacts system to gain “share of family” in addition to share of wallet.

Connect Earth makes carbon emissions data more accessible, more understandable, and more actionable. We package environmental data as an API and integrate it into financial products. For example, we integrate into banking apps that people use on a daily basis to help them track their carbon footprint together with their spending. Thanks to our API, consumers can access environmental insights for every financial transaction within their own banking app.

Visit the digital catalog today to learn more or bring CryptoFi, Plinqit, Carefull, or Connect Earth to your institution!

SDK Deployment Freeze

Due to year-end activities, we are suspending deployments during the following effective freeze dates:

November 23, 2022 - November 28, 2022 – Resume on November 29th

December 19, 2022 - January 3, 2023 – Resume on January 4th

Training will be in person for 2023

Q2 SDK Certification Training will be in person for 2023. While doing the Certification training remotely has the benefit of being very easy to attend, there has been a missing human element that comes from giving training in person. The primary purpose of changing to in-person in 2023 is to improve the networking between the Innovation Studio team and the developers that use the Caliper SDK.

SDK News Corner

DevPi Server moved to a dedicated server

The DevPi server has been moved from the Shared Dev server to its own server. This move enables the pipelines that need to pull in packages. Developers downloading the Q2 packages locally such as with the q2-sdk can now download packages much more consistently, which improves pipeline uptime and the local development experience.

OpenTelemetry added to the SDK

OpenTelemetry is an open-source set of APIs and SDKs that generates and collects logs, metrics, and traces. One of the major benefits of OpenTelemetry is that it is open-source and widely implemented. Another major benefit is the ability to trace a series of requests across services. There are multiple internal services that also implement OpenTelemetry, so we can see those traces when the SDK calls these services.

Summary Logging

Every request to the SDK now logs customer_key and HqSessionId metadata. This functionality can be extended by defining the override_summary_log. This additional metadata will allow the q2-sdk to provide better metric data in the future.

DBObject improvements

There are five new DBObjects:

  • AdminUserLogon
  • PasswordStatus
  • ExternalTransaction
  • UUXUserProperty
  • AdminUser

The Innovation Studio team also released the following additional improvements for DBObjects:

  • Customer DBObject now has a search_by_create_date method
  • VendorConfig DBObject is now zone-aware
  • AccessCode DBObject now has a delete_access_code method
  • User DBObject has three new methods: delete, search_by_create_date, and get_users_created_on
  • UserLogon DBObject now has a set_password_status_as_accepted method
  • Additional SDK Improvements

In addition to the bigger changes detailed above, this month's SDK releases also include the following additional improvements.

New HQ Endpoints

  • 26 new HQ (Q2API) endpoints
  • 6 new HQ (WedgeOnlineBanking) endpoints

Message Bus

  • Local dev of message_bus extension is no longer blocking
  • It is now possible to override the URL of the bus itself in message_bus.push
  • Large messages (>4096 bytes) will now be automatically compressed/decompressed

Ease of Use Updates

  • OnlineUser objects now have a .get_user_dob method
  • q2 db create_online_user now sets up linked accounts by default
  • UserDemographicData now has a validate_addresses method
  • UserDemographicData now has a validate_phones method
  • Phone now has a full_phone_number attribute
  • UserLogon.reset_password no longer forces an immediate reset the next time you log in
  • self.vault.get_certificate will now log whether the certificate is cached

Command Line Interface

  • Updating all related forms from one base URL to another is now possible with q2 update_installed. This update provides a quality of life enhancement to facilitate the switch to local dev.
  • Added the following new commands:
    • q2 db disable_admin_user
    • q2 db enable_admin_user
    • q2 db get_admin_user_logon
    • q2 db get_password_status
    • q2 db get_external_transaction
    • q2 db get_external_transaction_by_customer_id
    • q2 db get_external_transaction_by_user_id
    • q2 db get_external_transaction_by_host_account_id
    • q2 db create_uux_user_property
    • q2 db delete_uux_user_property


  • Recursive nav node edits (move something out of the way to make room) has been fixed
  • A multitenant-capable app is no longer blocked from being deployed single tenant
  • Extremely large HQ responses which have been compressed are now handled gracefully
  • q2 tecton created tabs now pass along more metadata for render
  • Fixed an issue with cache and HqCredentials that were updated in the middle of the run which would continue to point at the old creds
  • UiText contains_markup Boolean is now passed successfully to the DB queries
  • q2_request calls that use the built in oauth_client now successfully retry one time if the token is expired
  • q2_on_finish method now works with fork mode
  • Periodic entry points now use the same log formatter as handler extensions

Portal News

Log Filtering

When requesting logs, external developers can now request logs by extension. This feature was possible before by asking a Q2 employee to pull extension-specific logs. However, it was not possible for external developers to pull their own extension-specific logs. If you do not have access, please open a support case on

Email Notifications for new catalog apps

You can now sign up to receive notifications at when a new app is added to the catalog. You can now sign up to receive formal notifications here. You can select whether to receive notifications for apps that are coming soon, apps that are published, or both.

Caliper SDK Training

The Caliper SDK training sign-up form has been redesigned and is now incorporated within rather than sending users to a third-party site for registration.

Tecton News

Default theme

If theme variables are not present when Tecton is loaded through tecton.connect or tecton.loadDesignSystem, then Tecton will load those variables with defaults.

Behind-the-scenes work

Tecton has been hard at work improving performance and organization behind the scenes, so look forward to the coming months when more cool features are coming.

New Team Member

Adam Chester joins the Innovation Studio after a long tenure as an engineer on the Q2 Online Banking platform, most recently contributing to our Dynamic Personalization project. Coming over after 11+ years of developing products at Q2, Adam hopes to share and build upon his knowledge while continuing to enrich and strengthen the experience of working in the Innovation Studio ecosystem. Adam spends his spare time running around Austin with his family, or outdoors, hiking and camping whenever he can. When indoors, he’s most likely found cheering on the Titans, Predators, Braves, and his alma mater, The University of Kentucky. 17 days a year he can be found at 10414 McKalla Place.

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